Sizegenetics Exposed The Good and The Bad

SizeGenetics Exposed The Good and the Bad

Whenever you try a male enhancement product, you need to weigh all its ups and downs. Since I have been using a SizeGenetics penis extender for more than a year now, I can offer you a honest insight on the most important good and bad aspects of this particular male enhancement product.

What I can tell you before anything else is that the SizeGenetics extender has worked great for me until now, as I’ve gained more than one inch in length, 1.3 inches to be exact. I want you to have a clear picture of what to expect from this penis extender and what you can do to make it deliver the best results for you.


The Good

  1. This is a Type 1 Medical Device, meaning that it is approved by health care professionals and it is safe for human use.
  2. Clinical tests proved its efficiency in 99% of all cases.
  3. The device can be upgraded through various attachments, such as custom suction heads.
  4. The extender is as good as invisible underneath loose clothes.
  5. This device is as good as or even better than surgery, because it does not come with side effects, while still providing reliable penis growth.
  6. If you participate in their program addressed to guys willing to document and post their progress online, you can even get SizeGenetics for free.
  7. The silicone straps are very comfortable.
  8. So far, SizeGenetics has helped a lot of men regain their lost self esteem.
  9. It comes with a membership to PenisHealth, a great add-on for your routines.
  10. The device is made of premium grade materials.
  11. It helps you gain more stamina in bed.
  12. Your growth basically never stops, if you choose to continue using the device after reaching your goal.
  13. It is an expensive penis extender, but a lot less expensive than penile surgery.
  14. Discreet shipping is assured.
  15. It is effective in correcting abnormal penis curvature.
  16. If you use the SizeGenetics extender for prolonged periods of time, you will start gaining more girth, as well.

The Bad

  1. The SizeGenetics extender is comfortable, but it still takes a couple of weeks to get adjusted to it; this may not be to anyone’s liking.
  2. Even if the manufacturer boasts about the gains you can get with it, do not expect overnight success; SizeGenetics does work, but it takes at least a few months to see the first noticeable results.
  3. Commitment is an absolute must; this may scare off some guys, if they have problems committing to long term goals.
  4. The metal bars are a bit uncomfortable because they are cold on your skin and only get warm in time.
  5. The basic package is not a really good deal; you just get the extender, but if you want more straps and add-ons, you will have to spend extra money, so a better idea is to just go with the best from the start, to avoid this back and forth spending that will take you there anyway.
  6. Do not take the recommendation to wear the device for 8 hours daily without any interruptions; once every two hours, you need to take it off, let the blood flow and then put it back again.
  7. This also means that you must have the possibility to take breaks to follow through with the necessity of 10-15 minutes for letting the device aside, and make a few exercises to restore blood flow.
  8. Be aware that when you are wearing the extender, you cannot urinate. By no means you should stray from this rule, as your urethra must not be hindered in any way when you need to see about your private business.


Fleshlight Review

My Fleshlight REVIEW AND OPINION ON THE Stamina Training Unit (STU)

fleshlifgt-stamina-unitWhat guy doesn’t want to last longer in bed and impress his lady? Premature ejaculation is, however, something that many men suffer from and I, for once, must admit, hand on heart, that I know exactly how that feels like.

Even if you have an understanding girlfriend who won’t make fun of you or say something nasty, like I heard from others – that’s a really bad experience – you will know that she’s disappointed. I have a nice lady in my life, and I decided to try to do something about my ‘little’ problem, so she could start enjoying sex as much as I do.

This got me to try the Fleshlight STU, a sex toy that is more than just for having fun. This is not the only fleshlight I have, but STU proved to be more than just a cool way to get myself off. I found this version to be especially great for training to last longer in bed. This is my fleshlight review and how STU helped me make my girlfriend – and myself – more satisfied in the bedroom.

Why is it called Stamina Training Unit?

Unlike a regular fleshlight, this one is so tight and puts so much pressure – really pleasurable, I must admit – that it will make you go off within a few pumps. How would such a thing help a guy with premature ejaculation? Well, it’s a mind game, the more you last with STU, the more you last in bed … with your lady friend.

I tried this toy and I must say that I am more than satisfied with the results. Here are its main benefits:

  • Helps you with your staying power
  • Makes you a better lover
  • Your orgasms are getting MUCH better
  • Helps you increase control over your ejaculation


Fleshlight STU vs pills

Male enhancement pills are all good and they help you get healthier, but they are of no use in regards to teaching you how to be a better lover. This is where I think the Fleshlight STU is better than pills or any supplements you may want to take.

When you use the unit, you are basically engaging in a real challenge. Resisting more becomes a goal, and trust me, after using it for a couple of weeks, I noticed some pretty amazing changes. And so did my girlfriend.

I am not saying you should not try pills. Some are great for boosting testosterone and for helping you with erections. But the Fleshlight STU is much better and it gives you just the best training for enhancing your bedroom performance.

Fleshlight STU vs Sasha Grey UR3 Deep Throat Pocket Pal Masturbator Flesh

I bet you know who Sasha Grey is … and probably you have fantasized about having her pleasure you with her sexy lips. However, if I compare the Fleshlight STU to the Sasha Grey UR3 Deep Throat Pocket Pal Masturbator Flesh, I must say that the first wins the comparison hands down.


First of all, the materials the STU is made of are superior. Second, the shape of the Sasha Grey sex toy is just plain weird. I like fantasizing about sexy porn stars, but I find it creepy to use a part that looks like her mouth, but it’s completely out of context.

The main problem, however, after I used both – blame it on my curiosity, what can I say – is that the deep throat toy is by no means close to the sensations the STU can give you. I guess this is where the superiority of materials and of execution comes into play.

What can I tell you? If you like Sasha Grey that badly, watch her movies. If you like really cool sensations and a good tool to enhance your stamina, use the STU. You can even watch Sasha Grey in action while at it, although that may not help with your ejaculation control too well. Jokes aside, I honestly think the Fleshlight STU is superior in every way.

What did I get from using the Fleshlight STU?

At first, I found it really difficult to last for too long when using the training unit. I usually came apart in just a few pumps, but I am a stubborn man and I decided to try some more. After a few weeks, I was finally getting to last to about 20 pumps. What happened in the bedroom? I managed to last a bit over 5 minutes. Maybe that doesn’t sound like much, but I was finally able to last three times longer than I usually did.

My goal is to resist more. People say that if you get to last 10 minutes with the STU, you will be able to resist in bed for up to 20 minutes. I bet my girlfriend will be delighted, and I know I am on my way there.

Last words

Their shipping policy is based on discretion, so I have no issue with them. I am more than satisfied with how my sex life changed lately due to using this fleshlight on a regular basis. In a nutshell, this is what I got:

  • I experienced stronger erections
  • My orgasms became much better
  • My lady is really excited about my performance now
  • I have a much less sensitive penis head
  • I resist three times longer when I have sex

I totally recommend this product. Even if it feels like too much at start, once you begin using it, you will notice tremendous changes in your sex life.



Warning Signs to Tell If You Should Break Up

Here's why information about male enhancement is important –

Warning Signs to Tell If You Should Break Up

"Sometimes you have a moment of clarity about a woman–like when you find her indexed, 7-year collection of Brides magazines. Other times, the signals are harder to read. Here's help. 1. She Hand-Feeds Free-Range Chicken to Her Dog Stay or Go: Stay She may seem like a coddler, but dogs can lower stress and blood pressure, making her a healthier and more stable person. "Dogs make you more extroverted and outgoing," says Katherine C. Grier, Ph.D., author of Pets in America. Even if the dog fits in your pocket and has a name like Tinkerbell, playing puppy papa will improve your health, too. But when you walk it, remove the bow first. 2. She Can't Make a Decision Without Calling Her Parents, Best Friend, Therapist, and Psychic Stay or Go: Go Her insecurity means she tells everyone about the finer points of your relationship. "She doesn't know who she really is, so how can you know who you're really with?" asks Caroline Tiger, author of How to Behave: Dating and Sex. If she's constantly on her BlackBerry, make her put it away for a day. If she freaks, move on. 3. She "Wuvs" the "Cutie-Ooty" Baby Talk Stay or Go: Go "Hey, baby" isn't so bad, but the coochie-coo stuff, especially in bed, is just creepy. "She may be trying to avoid adult issues in the relationship, like problems or sex," says Tiger. It's also a mark of high maintenance. "She wants to be treated like a baby, like a precious princess plaything," Tiger says. She'll throw a tantrum when you drop her, but you'll feel good back in the adult world. 4. She Doesn't Know from A Bronx Tale Stay or Go: Stay Relax. So she doesn't lean over and unlock your car door. (You should have automatic locks anyway, Calogero). It's not her fault she didn't see this classic film. But a Scorcese knockoff about gangsters and racism isn't exactly leading the chick-flick queue. Just Netflix the movie and watch it together. She'll get the point. 5. She Overquotes Hegel and Other Dead White Guys You Should Have Read Stay or Go: Go Aside from the obvious fact that the know-it-all act is annoying, she's not comfortable in her own skin if she's cloaking herself in book smarts. Now, if she talked in movie quotes, that'd be different. Lock that one down–especially if they're lines from A Bronx Tale. Now yuze can't leave. 6. She's a Bohemian Who Hasn't Had a Steady Paycheck. Ever Stay or Go: Stay The arty vibe hooked you, and it's not a huge leap to help her turn that creativity into a career. Plenty of companies need creative minds. "Tell her she'll bring art into everyday life, not limit it to the occasional gallery visit," says Rachel C. Weingarten, author of Career and Corporate Cool."

We sincerely feel that male enhancement can change the world because –

To find out more about "Warning Signs to Tell If You Should Break Up" and male enhancement, click here | Share with your friends! | Buy our product

Premature Ejaculation

The Best Techniques for Stopping Premature Ejaculation

Like many other guys, I used to have a lot of problems with premature ejaculation. Because I could no longer stand the disappointing look in the eyes of the girls I was sleeping with, I decided to search for information on how to cope with this problem. Everything seemed fine to me, but after I nagged one girlfriend out of her mind, she finally told that she thought I was kind of lame in bed.

Ouch, that hurt. But I wasn’t going to hide in a corner and cry over it. I started searching for real methods of preventing this demoralising condition. There seems to be plenty of advice online for guys with this problem, but what I discovered was that most of it was absolute garbage. After I’ve waded through a lot of crap, I discovered a few methods that really work and I am going to share them with you.

I’m not saying that everything below is the best remedy for your problem. But many men say that the breathing techniques and the ones involving desensitization work the best.

Good breathing

You are probably wondering right now what good breathing is all about. Well, this is a technique often used to calm extreme nervousness and anxiety and I discovered that it works for preventing premature ejaculation, too.

The key is to get enough oxygen in your lungs by inhaling deeply. You may not be aware, but you may experience anxiety about performing in bed and that may make your heart beat too fast. The result is premature ejaculation, but you can prevent it through controlled breathing.


This is another good technique I discovered and I recommend. If you are like me – uncut, I mean – you may have the same problem with an overly sensitive penis head. The techniques I recommend include switching to different stroking patterns, while you are in the shower, for instance. The idea is to get your penis head used to a certain degree of contact.

Another method to make your penis head less sensitive involves the use of a stamina training toy. This will help you get rid of the strong sensations usually experienced when your penis is in contact with a lot of squeeze and pressure.

Creams and lotions

If you want a bit of extra for desensitization of the penis head, I can also recommend special creams and lotions. Usually, these are advertised as being capable of helping you last more in bed, and one of the reasons why they do so is because they make your penis less sensitive to friction.

However, creams are expensive and you may not want to use them all the time. You can use them as support while you are using the above methods to increase your stamina, but don’t do it on the long run.

Kegel exercising

These pelvic exercises are pretty interesting. They do not only help your lower region to become stronger, but they also help you with getting more powerful erections. You must keep in mind that these exercises involve more than just clenching your ass in order to make your penis stand erect. In time, you will get the hang of them and they will become easier and easier to perform.


Male enhancement pills come in many forms, but only some of them are really reliable. They usually help by increasing the blood flow to the penile area, helping you maintain a stronger erection without much extra effort. The best are made of natural ingredients that help with libido and stamina, as they are traditional aphrodisiacs used by men for centuries.

All these methods can help you improve your sex life tremendously. Remember that breathing techniques and making your penis head less sensitive are the most useful.

Best Penis Extenders For 2015

The Best Penis Extenders Money Can Buy

Penis extenders are great devices for increasing the size of your penis. They use a principle called traction and the result they yield is based on cell multiplication in the penile tissue. What I can tell you, as a guy who has tried the most popular extenders on the market is that some of them are really working and are totally worth the money.medical-devices

If you are familiar with my website, you know that I personally purchase and try all the products I review here. While penis extenders use a simple principle and deliver consistent results, I must say that there are a few factors that count for me and other users, besides that.

The thing with penis extenders is that they must be really comfortable. If they are not, you won’t be able to keep one on for long. What happens is that if you do not wear the extender for a relatively long time, the results will not appear quickly enough.

Another thing that counts for me is the quality of the materials used. I have no intention to spend hundreds of dollars on something that will break within a few months.

I also take into consideration the guarantee the manufacturers offer. If a company trusts in their product, they will offer a decent money back guarantee.

Now that you know all my criteria, here are top 3 of the best penis extenders on the market.

#1. SizeGenetics – The Absolute Number One

sizegenetics-reviewedThis is, without a doubt, the best penis extender you can buy at the moment. It scores high in terms of durability, comfort and guarantee. There is nothing amiss and the company making it has been in this business for more than 16 years, which says a lot.

SizeGenetics is a Type 1 medical device and it is recommended by doctors for men suffering from a condition called micropenis. Those who just want to add a few inches in length will find this product to be a great extender to try.

SizeGenetics is extremely comfortable and it can be worn underneath your clothes without a glitch. Wearing it for hours is possible; you can even wear it at work. There is no wonder there are so many positive testimonials from users. This product really works and it is comfortable enough to allow you to use the traction method to increase your penis size.

I have tried SizeGenetics myself. I recommend reading my review to see the results I got from using this penis extender for more than a year. It will give you the best insight on how this penis extender fares against others.





#2. x4 Labs

x4labs-penis-extenderComfort is very important for this manufacturer, and the x4 Labs penis extender is really good in this regard. The only reason why I am not placing this one as the first on my list is because SizeGenetics offers a bunch of extras, like Penis Health exercises and a complex support system.

They have a good and reliable money back guarantee and the extender is made of durable materials. I cannot really emphasize enough how comfortable this product is. Their patented straps are ideal for comfort and their 32 way support system offers the highest number of combinations found in a penis extender.

For my extensive review of the X4Labs Extender click here



#3. MaleEdge

male_edge_proAs I already mentioned, I try all the products I review on this site. My experience with MaleEdge was not the greatest, but it was not bad, either. The strap system used is comfortable and they also offer money back guarantee, so I have no issue with them.

However, compared to the other two penis extenders showed here, it somewhat lacks in the quality department. It does not look as sturdy and professional as SizeGenetics and it does not offer as many comfort options as x4 Labs.

All in all, these are the best penis extenders on the market right now. If you want to know more about them, read my full reviews.

16 Way Comfort Strap

SizeGenetics Features – What the 16 Way Comfort Strap Is All About

One of the greatest things I really like about the SizeGenetics penis extender is that you can get the 16 Way Comfort System with your purchase. Of course, you will have to pay more for the upgraded package, but I can tell you that this feature is absolutely worth the investment.

You will find five different gripping materials that you can customize in 16 combinations, to achieve the best comfort for yourself. Since men are different from one another, having such a customizable tool at your disposal is really great.

First, here are the five materials that come with the 16 Way Comfort System:

  • Silicone noose – this goes just under your penis head; the idea is to fit it comfortably so that your penis head rests safely throughout the times when you are using the device.
  • Silicone comfort strap – just like the silicone noose, this is used for fitting snugly over your penis head; since its design allows more friction, it is really comfortable.
  • Foam rubber protection pad – the noose or the strap can rub a little against your skin, but if you use this pad, no accidental pinching will occur.
  • Fabric covered latex head grip – in case you are planning to use the SizeGenetics extender for a long period of time, you need to use this particular component; while it looks like it has less padding, it is comfortable and a good replacement for the pad described above.
  • Anti-slip protection mat – this component looks like a small sock made of rubber, and its main role is, as you may have guessed by now, to avoid the penis head from slipping from the device.

From my experience, I can tell that only prolonged usage helps getting the best out of SizeGenetics. However, if you plan to wear the device for 8 hours daily, you may experience some issues. One that is very common is slippage. With the anti-slip protection mat readily offered by the 16 Way Comfort System, you can say goodbye to such problems. Comfort is the other common hindrance to wearing a penis extender for an entire day. If you manage to deter both of these problems, you will see that wearing SizeGenetics for long hours daily will become a breeze and you will not even feel like you are wearing it underneath your clothes.

Additional info on MDA Technology

MDA stands for Multi-Directional Angling and it is a technology used with the SizeGenetics extender. Basically, you can wear this device at any angle, something that was not possible with extenders made before SizeGenetics. Usually, they required men to keep the device in just one position and that could get strenuous especially when wanting to move around with ease.

With SizeGenetics, you get as much vertical movement as you want. Whether you want to move around at work without any discomfort, or you want to sit on the coach and watch TV, the MDA technology will help you adjust your penis position for maximum comfort.

Wearing SizeGenetics at night is not recommended by the manufacturer, but some men do this and they increase the time they wear the device daily. If you add 3-4 hours of wearing SizeGenetics at night time, you can get to more than 12 hours, which will contribute to gaining more inches faster.

Sizegenetics Scam

SizeGenetics SCAM REPORT

Is Sizegenetics really Working For Male Enhancement 

One of the main issues I’ve often noticed among guys, even myself, is a tendency to believe any male enhancement product launched on the market is a scam. Of course, this happens because a LOT of the products advertised as being able to help you grow inches in girth and length are not working as intended. In this article, I am going to talk to you about SizeGenetics, how it works for penis growth, and why it is a legit product that delivers results. As a man who has tried this penis extender, I can only talk from my own experience, but there is something that not even the most skeptical can deny: anyone willing to put patience and work into using such a product, can yield some really good results.

Why there is no magic solution for penis growth

The ads are everywhere. Take this pill and gain X inches in 3 weeks … use this revolutionary device, and watch how inches are added to your length … Do you believe any of this? For sure, I don’t. I’ve paid for enough male enhancement products in my life to tell a scam from a legit deal. SizeGenetics is the latter, but, and this is a big BUT, I had to understand that getting results takes a lot of work and patience and it does not happen overnight.

The penis is an organ, and, as any organ, it grows in time. If you are not willing to put months into working towards results, it is not going to happen, pure and simple.

My experience with SizeGenetics

After I tried a bunch of pills and male enhancement devices, I found SizeGenetics. The penis extender had raving reviews at the time, but I was quite fed up with false claims. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a try.

I started using SizeGenetics in November 2013. This time I was firmly convinced that I will go all the way, wear the extender as indicated in the instructions, and see what happens one year later. Within the first two months, I started noticing some changes. I must admit I was intrigued, and I felt compelled to continue.

When I begun, I had 5.8 inches in length when erect. I really wanted to grow bigger, and my goal was to gain one inch or more. After half a year of wearing SizeGenetics for 8-9 hours daily, except for weekends, I had gained a little over one inch. You can simply imagine my surprise with the results. So I continued, and, at one year after taking the decision to wear SizeGenetics, I managed to gain 1.3 inches. I reached my goal and even a little more.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying SizeGenetics is the only penis extender that works. It is not necessarily this particular product – which is pretty expensive – but extenders that come with a simple technology that helps penis growth provided that you are willing to invest some time and effort into making it work.


Yes, penis extenders work, but only if:
  • They are a CE – Certified Medical Type 1 Device
  • They are comfortable for your personal use

As I told you, SizeGenetics worked very well for me. I do not regret investing 400 dollars in it, and I don’t think I’ll replace it anytime soon. I am quite certain there are other penis extenders on the market that work very well. This one did the trick for me and I am sticking with it. What I want to tell you is that you must still be very much aware of scams. If a penis extender sounds like a good deal, but it is not approved by doctors and it looks made of cheap materials, don’t jeopardize your health. Go for a penis extender that truly works and provides results, like SizeGenetics.

What I like about SizeGenetics

In case you are wondering how I managed to wear SizeGenetics for long hours every day, the answer is simple: the extender is simply very comfortable. This is not, however, the only reason why I like this particular penis extender. Here are some more:

  • It does not slip from your penis while you are wearing it
  • It is completely invisible underneath your clothes; no one will suspect you are wearing it
  • I did not experience any pain
  • There was no rubbing or itching
  • I saw the first results from the first few months

Again, I am not saying SizeGenetics is the only penis extender that works. But it is comfortable, it is made of durable materials, and it delivers as promised. There is nothing bad or wrong I can say about this penis enhancer.

What’s the warranty?

The best way to protect yourself from a scam is to take warranties into consideration. SizeGenetics has quite a generous money back guarantee, but you need to document how the extender did not work for you with before and after pictures, as well as a log for writing your daily routines.

If you want to get the best results from a penis extender, you need to follow the routines described by the manufacturer in the instructions manual, and even add some more. I have plenty of advice readily available on how to grow a larger penis using SizeGenetics or the penis extender of your choice.

What does it take for SizeGenetics to work?

If you are willing to embark on this path of growing a larger penis, you need to have a little talk with your own self. Ask the following questions:

  1. Do I really want to do this?
  2. Am I really dissatisfied with my penis size?
  3. Am I willing to go all the way?
  4. Do I have enough time daily to prepare for putting the extender on?
  5. Am I goal oriented enough?
  6. Am I willing to introduce this routine in my life for the next year?

SizeGenetics is not a scam; it is a totally legit product that can help you gain one inch or more in length. The thing I can tell you is that if you are dedicated enough and have enough time to make this work, it will most likely will, like it did in my case.

VigRX Plus

My True Experience with VigRX Plus Male Enhancement Pills


VigRX Plus are pills that promise to help men get stronger, long lasting erections and even an increase in penis size. Pretty much they say they work like Viagra, but without the side effects. I must admit, I was intrigued with their claims, especially with the one regarding penis growth. So I decided to take these pills and see how they work.

Do not imagine that I am just trying out any product, without doing some research first. These guys convinced me because they offer a 60 day money back guarantee, so I said I should give them a try, seeing that I could ask for my money back.

The first time I tried VigRX, I was like: “What am I supposed to feel now?” I thought it was like Viagra and that I was going to get an erection within half an hour or so. But nothing happened, so I thought to myself that I would just have to send back the pills. However, once I started getting frisky with my girlfriend, I was quite surprised to see who decided to join the party with an enthusiasm I remember only having while I was still in high school.

My girl was also impressed with my performance. I won’t go into any details, because a gentleman never tells, but I think that was the coolest sex I had in a long time.

What I noticed after a couple of weeks of taking VigRX was that I got a stronger libido, that my erections became rock hard and that my girlfriend was more than happy with my transformation. Because I can now vouch that the VigRX pills really work, I want to give you guys more info on the product, as I found it.

What is VigRX Plus made of?

It appears that VigRX is made from a bunch of herbal ingredients:

  • Bioperine
  • Damiana
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Epimedium
  • Cuscuta Seed Extract
  • Ginko Biloba
  • Asian Red Ginseng
  • Saw Palmetto Berry
  • Muira Pauma Bark Extract
  • Catuaba Bark Extract
  • Hawthorn Berry

Many of these, as I learned later, have been used traditionally by aphrodisiacs, especially by Asian people. We all know how obsessed those guys are with fertility and how many babies they make, so there must be something they know that we don’t. I was even interested in seeing if I can make my own blend by purchasing these herbs separately, but I gave up, since I don’t know the exact amounts used by them to create this formula.

VigRX Plus effects

So, VigRX is not Viagra, but it works like the blue pill, if not better. What I like about these pills is that they help you have a great time in the bedroom with your girlfriend or wife. They do have some extra advantages, though:

  • They increase healthy blood flow to the penis
  • They boost testosterone levels
  • They stimulate cell growth inside the penile tissue
  • They strengthen the penile cell wall

Clinical trials

The people making VigRX Plus are really into proving that their pills work, which is quite commendable, in my opinion. They invested 250k into some clinical trials, where some subjects were give VigRX and some a placebo pill. The results were positive, with an overwhelming number of men reacting to VigRX just like I did. I believe that counts for something.

Any negative points?

I was very pleased with how VigRX Plus worked for my sex life. I have erections like a teenager, I last longer in bed and my girlfriend is the one actually jumping me right now, because she knows she’ll have a great time with me.

However, I need to tell you that penis growth is not that big. Actually, I am not sure if the pills would help me increase my penis size visibly, if I wouldn’t use a penis extender and penis exercises. They help you just like vitamins and supplements help bodybuilders. They bring their contribution, but they won’t build the muscles for you.

The 60 day money back guarantee

They have a pretty good money back guarantee policy. You have 60 days, plus 7 from the day of the trial ending, to send them back the empty bottles if you are unhappy with the results. Also, in case you purchase more than two bottles – the supply for two months – you can return the unopened bottles and get your full refund. They are more than fair in my opinion, and it was the first thing that convinced me to give them a try.


Discreet shipping provided

You won’t get any suspicious stares from your girlfriend when your package arrives. They ship under the name of Leading Edge Health, so she will just assume they are vitamins. They usually ship within 48 hours, but don’t use a PO Box address, as it may take even two months until you will get the pills.



Good deals

I always check every product to see if there are any good deals that can be struck. In this case, the most advantageous are the six month and 12 month orders. They give you a lot of extras, plus, you save a lot of money. The one year supply, which I ordered, saved me 434 dollars, and those are not peanuts. Plus, I got:

  • A DVD with exercises
  • A bottle of Semenax (that’s a supplement for increasing sperm volume)
  • A bottle of pheromones
  • A 25 dollar card for Better Sex mall
  • A free membership to ErectionFitness



My conclusion?

I think VigRX Plus are great pills. They increase my stamina, they give me a good time in bed with my girl, and they help me improve my penis enhancing efforts, although I do exercise and use a penis extender.


Sizegenetics Results

SizeGenetics Results for Penis Growth – What Clinical Studies Say

I knew when I bought my SizeGenetics that it was designed and endorsed by health care professionals, but only later I discovered that its efficiency was tested during a clinical trial.
I am not going to bore you to death with the lengthy findings of the doctors who ran the clinical studies in question. However, I am impressed that a male problem managed to draw the attention of urologists and the medical device SizeGenetics was put to the test.
Names such as Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, Dr. Finn Worm Knudsen and Dr. Michael Carter are behind SizeGenetics. All of them are certified urologists and they invested their knowledge about male anatomy in creating a medical device that truly addresses the issues created by having a short penis.
Let’s take a look at what the clinical studies found about SizeGenetics.

The clinical trial at a glance

Since speaking in medical terms is not my forte, and I doubt half of you would go through the findings if I were to publish them here as they were in the British Journal of Urology (March 2009, Volume 103, Issue 9, Pages 793-797), I decided to offer you a short, easy to understand version.
Who were the patients?
The average age of patients included in the clinical trial was 45.7 years.
The average length of their penises was 2.81 inches, in flaccid state, and 3.78 inches, when stretched. Average girth was 4.09 inches.
21 males participated in the study, while 9 were excluded due to various reasons, such as inability or unwillingness to wear the device. The ones remaining wore SizeGenetics for 4-6 hours daily for six months.
What were the results?
Now that you know the nitty-gritty details, let’s get to the actual stuff. Did they gain any extra length?
I will let the figures speak for themselves.

Average Changes in Penile Length
Stretched Penis
1 Month 0.37 inches
3 Months 0.17 inches
6 Months 0.14 inches
12 Months 0.02 inches

Flaccid Penis

1 Month 0.44 inches
3 Months 0.27 inches
6 Months 0.16 inches
1 Month 0.05 inches
3 Months 0.06 inches

Again, I must remind you that these guys included in the study did not wear SizeGenetics for more than 4-6 hours daily, and not for 9-10 hours, as indicated by the manufacturer. Still, as you can see, they still managed to acquire growth in penis length, and even a bit more girth. I did not include all the intervals, as at some point, no noticeable changes were noticed.

The Conclusion
The health care professionals involved in the study concluded that SizeGenetics is indeed, effective, in helping men grow a longer, slightly thicker penis, by wearing the device for at least six months, 4-6 hours daily.
You can always read my complete review of SizeGenetics, describing the results I got as a result of wearing the extender for almost 10 hours daily. I can proudly say that my gains were bigger than what was described in the study. However, do not forget that this type of gain is not possible otherwise; not even penis enlargement surgery can help you this much. If you want long lasting results, stick to the manual, and stick to wearing the penis extender every day, for at least 8 hours.
The doctors surveying the patients during the study published in the British Journal of Urology reached the conclusion that the device is working towards helping patients with a short penis, helping them achieve durable penis lengthening benefits. They were not convinced about the gain in penis girth, but, as you may know, SizeGenetics is mostly geared towards guys who want a longer penis. Other devices, of which I will talk in other articles published here, on my website, are more efficient in that area, if a thicker penis is what you want.
How much penis length growth can you get with SizeGenetics?
I bet the findings showed above are pretty tale telling. My own experience contributes to the facts. SizeGenetics is a good, reliable penis extender and you can expect some really great results, if you are willing to wear it with dedication for at least 8 hours daily.
Putting together the findings of the clinical trial and other data gathered from men who have used the device just like me, here is how much you can get from using SizeGenetics:
• Around 1 inch gain in length if you use SizeGenetics daily for 6 months, for at least 8 hours daily
• Around 1-2 inches gain in length if you use SizeGenetics daily for one year, for at least 8 hours daily
I am not saying that you will get the EXACT same gains as me or anyone else. Each man has his own particularities and you may even get a higher length gain. You can purchase the SizeGenetics penis extender directly from my website, by pressing the button below.