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    12 Guys Get Real About Wedding Night Sex

    “We had amazing sex and then ordered pizza and ate it naked in bed.” 1. “Honestly, we were so exhausted by the end of our wedding night that we passed out. Then we had to wake up early to get our flight out for our honeymoon. We’ve had TONS of sex before and since. Our […]

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    Pro Tips for Tackling CrossFit’s Toughest Moves

    No athlete masters double-unders, muscle-ups, and handstand push-ups on day one of CrossFit. Getting these moves down takes practice, patience, and of course a killer training strategy. To give you a leg up, we talked to three CrossFit coaches about the best ways to approach each of these moves. Build strength and endurance with these […]

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    The 10 Best TRX Exercises for Men

    Men love to lift heavy dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells and make use of many of the machines in the gym. But, you don’t always have to train that way. In fact, there’s one piece of equipment you may be neglecting that could seriously help you to improve your lifts: “The TRX Suspension Trainer improves functionality […]

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    7 Functional Fitness Tests for Any Athlete

    Here at OverSizeMe, we try to debunk the theory that raw athletic talent is genetic. We’re not referring to bodybuilding, but rather to movements that directly affect sports performance. We believe that by doing specific workouts and doing them over a period of time, a guy can surpass the athletic feats he was “born to be able […]

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    The Best Anti Aging Habits

    Some people age as much as three times faster than others, according to a study from New Zealand. Researchers checked in on 954 people born between 1972 and 1973 at ages 26, 32, and 38. They found that some of the subjects’ “biological age” stayed practically the same over the course of the twelve years—while others aged […]

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    Peyronies Cure Is There a Solution in 2017

    Is there a peronies cure that does not involve surgery or injections? That has been the question for some time and as a sufferer of peyronies disease I can say that the sizegenetics system has been a great help when it comes to straightening the penis. The Sizegenetics System Helps You Regain the Natural Length […]

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    why men don’t talk to doctors about it enough

    Few men get help. Fewer men know impotence is a warning sign of heart disease, diabetes, or worse. Hong Kong doctor, and another who did first US penis transplant, talk about why men need to take their health more seriously Men are notoriously reluctant to visit doctors, even more so for help on intimate below-the-belt […]

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    Fleshlight deep-dive review – In Bed Magazine

    The Fleshlight is to men’s sex toys what Coke is to “soda”—many people use the brand name “Fleshlight” to refer to just about any sex toy made for guys, and there’s a reason for that. When the Fleshlight was introduced, it brought thoughtful design, quality materials, and a more positive self-image for users to a […]