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7 FREAKY Fetishes That Will Make Your Jaw Drop


You want to put bugs WHERE?

We all know that sex fetishes exist. Some people are into feet, while others like spanking.

But what about even rarer and lesser known freaky fetishes? We found seven super-weird fetishes (that you’ve likely never heard) that prove humans can find nearly ANYTHING arousing to fulfill their kinkiest sex ideas. It’s hard to believe some of these kinks truly exist. But apparently, they do.

Would you ever get your freak on in one of these ways?

The sexual desire to have insects crawl over one’s body, particularly the genitals. (Ummm, no. No, no, no).

A sexual attraction to stuffed animals. Participants masturbate with plushie toys and/or dress up as the aforementioned toys to perform sex acts. Similarly related to “furries,” people who dress up as animals to perform sex acts.

For a more in-depth look at furries, check out the video below:

The deriving of sexual pleasure via enema. (I don’t envy the proctologist on call when a klismaphiliac comes in. Would you have to buy the doctor dinner first?)

A sexual attraction to someone guilty of performing a violent crime, such as rape or murder. Also known as Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome, named after the famous hybristophiliac Bonnie Parker.

The sexual attraction to hair, particularly to watching haircuts or hair being washed. (This makes me very suspicious of my stylist all of a sudden).

The sexual desire to have a healthy limb removed to make yourself an amputee (Which, don’t confuse with Acrotomophilia — the sexual attraction to amputees). Some apotemnophiliacs even go so far as to force an amputation by seriously injuring one of their own healthy limbs.

Yep, even balloons turn people on, it seems. There are two subsets of “Looners” as they’re called: “Poppers,” who, obviously, get their jollies by popping the balloon, and “Non-poppers,” who can’t even stand the thought of the balloon popping and instead get off on watching the balloon expand.

So, there you have it. Seven freaky fetishes most people would never even consider trying. Because… wow. 7 FREAKY Fetishes That Will Make Your Jaw Drop



Written by Stephen Mayer

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7 FREAKY Fetishes That Will Make Your Jaw Drop