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12 Guys Get Real About Wedding Night Sex

“We had amazing sex and then ordered pizza and ate it naked in bed.”

1. “Honestly, we were so exhausted by the end of our wedding night that we passed out. Then we had to wake up early to get our flight out for our honeymoon. We’ve had TONS of sex before and since. Our wedding was just such a whirlwind that we pretty much passed out without meaning to.” — Rob, 31

2. “It was great. We made a point to make the night special. We had candles and rose petals set up in advance (special shout out to the bridesmaids for that awkward job). My wife had lingerie and I had on some nice underwear. We had oils and things and just had a lot of fun and mad sure to make the night feel romantic and special.” — Seth, 29

3. “I know this is increasingly rare, but my wife and I waited for our wedding night. We’re fairly religious, but we also definitely fooled around while dating and being engaged. So this was our first time having sex, but it wasn’t our first time seeing each other naked if you know what I mean. The sex itself was unbelievable and definitely made our wedding night feel special. — Joel, 30

4. “I was all for wedding night sex but my wife fell asleep while I was in the bathroom. To be fair, she’d been up for hours in the morning and we both did a lot of running around that day. It takes a lot out of you, getting married. We totally made up for it on the honeymoon, though.” — Matt, 28

5. “So we were both kinds of tired leading up to it, just because we were on our feet a lot that day. It was nice because we were both so happy and elated and were newlyweds so it was cute, and then we cuddled up next to each other. It was nice, and definitely in our top five most romantic, but it was like…I hate this phrase but it was more ‘lovemaking’ than ‘unhinged fucking.’” — Jim, 29

6. “It was pretty good, but neither of us were at our best that night. I don’t want to say we felt ‘obligated’ to have sex, but there’s the whole idea of the ‘wedding night.’ We had fun but the honeymoon sex was so much better. I think that’s the new ‘wedding night’ sex and the idea of the ‘wedding night’ being a big deal is actually pretty antiquated.” — Anthony, 30

7. “I don’t know why this happened, but her parents brought up a bunch of the presents while we were doing it. Like, right in the middle. I have no idea why they thought it was a good idea to open the door up (I guess earlier in the day when everyone was getting ready, her mom had gotten a copy of the key). They were trying to be helpful, I guess and cleaning things up but like, come on. Everyone knows what’s going on in the newlywed suite. I don’t feel bad about it. They did it to themselves. But to answer your question: it was ruined.” — Zack, 28

8. “It was really nice. Like, on the one hand it wasn’t anything special but on the other hand it was because it was a milestone and just a nice night and we felt connected.” — Tom,29

9. “Oh it was good. Really good. We left a really good tip for the cleaning staff.” — Phil, 30

10. “We had our typically amazing sex and then ordered pizza and ate it naked in bed because we weren’t at home so yeah, it was a good experience.” — Scott, 28

11. “My now-wife went upstairs to change for our afterparty. She didn’t come back down and I went up to check on her and she was asleep in her wedding dress. I wound up spending my wedding night with the guests and going up later. She was still asleep. Our wedding night was a wedding morning.” — Will, 28

12. “We made it a point to have sex on everything in that suite before we checked out. We’re the kind of people who make it a point to have sex in every state we visit and eventually want to complete the map, so yeah. That’s how we had fun.” — Dan, 29 12 Guys Get Real About Wedding Night Sex


Written by Stephen Mayer

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