16 Way Comfort Strap

SizeGenetics Features – What the 16 Way Comfort Strap Is All About

One of the greatest things I really like about the SizeGenetics penis extender is that you can get the 16 Way Comfort System with your purchase. Of course, you will have to pay more for the upgraded package, but I can tell you that this feature is absolutely worth the investment.

You will find five different gripping materials that you can customize in 16 combinations, to achieve the best comfort for yourself. Since men are different from one another, having such a customizable tool at your disposal is really great.

First, here are the five materials that come with the 16 Way Comfort System:

  • Silicone noose – this goes just under your penis head; the idea is to fit it comfortably so that your penis head rests safely throughout the times when you are using the device.
  • Silicone comfort strap – just like the silicone noose, this is used for fitting snugly over your penis head; since its design allows more friction, it is really comfortable.
  • Foam rubber protection pad – the noose or the strap can rub a little against your skin, but if you use this pad, no accidental pinching will occur.
  • Fabric covered latex head grip – in case you are planning to use the SizeGenetics extender for a long period of time, you need to use this particular component; while it looks like it has less padding, it is comfortable and a good replacement for the pad described above.
  • Anti-slip protection mat – this component looks like a small sock made of rubber, and its main role is, as you may have guessed by now, to avoid the penis head from slipping from the device.

From my experience, I can tell that only prolonged usage helps getting the best out of SizeGenetics. However, if you plan to wear the device for 8 hours daily, you may experience some issues. One that is very common is slippage. With the anti-slip protection mat readily offered by the 16 Way Comfort System, you can say goodbye to such problems. Comfort is the other common hindrance to wearing a penis extender for an entire day. If you manage to deter both of these problems, you will see that wearing SizeGenetics for long hours daily will become a breeze and you will not even feel like you are wearing it underneath your clothes.

Additional info on MDA Technology

MDA stands for Multi-Directional Angling and it is a technology used with the SizeGenetics extender. Basically, you can wear this device at any angle, something that was not possible with extenders made before SizeGenetics. Usually, they required men to keep the device in just one position and that could get strenuous especially when wanting to move around with ease.

With SizeGenetics, you get as much vertical movement as you want. Whether you want to move around at work without any discomfort, or you want to sit on the coach and watch TV, the MDA technology will help you adjust your penis position for maximum comfort.

Wearing SizeGenetics at night is not recommended by the manufacturer, but some men do this and they increase the time they wear the device daily. If you add 3-4 hours of wearing SizeGenetics at night time, you can get to more than 12 hours, which will contribute to gaining more inches faster.

Written by Stephen Mayer

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