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The 8 Best Sex Positions To Make A Woman Orgasm

He shouldn’t be the only one getting off.

There’s nothing worse than being in a relationship with a great guy where only one of you enjoys having sex. Nine times out of ten, your man will orgasm before you do, leaving you bored and unsatisfied.

That’s why I want to give you my eight best sex positions to make a woman orgasm. Are you ready?

1. Cowgirl

This is probably the easiest and simplest sex position to reach orgasm with your man. To perform Cowgirl, he needs to lie down on his back. You then straddle him on your knees while facing him. When you are in this position, you have a lot of control, which means that you can lean forward, backward, or side-to-side to change his angle of entry.

You can also change the depth at which he’s penetrating you by pushing yourself up with your legs or lowering yourself down onto him. You’ll find that Cowgirl is one of the best sex positions for clitoral orgasms — vaginal ones are a little trickier.

2. The Anvil

If you like being dominated by your man during sex, this position is for you. To perform the Anvil, lie down on your back. Next, raise your legs in the air and use your arms to pull them back towards yourself. Your man will be on his knees and will lean right over you. You can then rest your ankles on his shoulders so that he is pushing them back on top of you. In this sex position, he will be able to penetrate you deeper than you could have imagined.

3. High Impact

This is a variation of the sex position that I just covered above. To try it, your man will still be lying down on his back, but instead of straddling him on your knees, you are going to be squatting down onto him and using your hands to steady yourself. You will be holding yourself just above him; you won’t be sitting down on him.

To change angles, you can lean forward and put your hands on his stomach to balance yourself or you can lean backward to put your hands behind you. You will be pretty much holding yourself in this position while your man begins rapidly thrusting in and out of you with short strokes. If you lean backward while in this position, your man will be hitting your G-spot.

4. G-Spot Sniper

The name might be a bit of a giveaway! To perform this position, you need to lie on your back while your man is on his knees. He then grabs your hips and lifts them upwards off the bed. Your feet should now be pointing towards the ceiling and your legs should straight. Your man then enters you.

He just needs to thrust so that the head of his penis is hitting the top wall of your vagina where your G-spot is. To accomplish this properly, he needs to make sure that his thrusts are shallow, not deep.

5. The Lotus

This position, while incredibly intimate, also makes it easy for you to orgasm. To perform it, your man must first sit down in a yoga pose with legs crossed. You sit down on his lap facing him, wrapping your legs and arms around him. You can then slowly grind up and down on him, stimulating your clitoris.

To be perfectly honest, the Lotus is one of the more difficult sex positions to make a woman orgasm, but the deep, bonding intimacy you experience can make it worth it.

6. Spooning

Spooning is a great sex position for close, sensual sex with your man. To spoon, you both need to lie on your sides facing in the same direction with him behind you. He then just needs to slowly thrust in and out with a consistent rhythm. While doing this, he can reach around and start gently rubbing and massaging your clitoris with his fingers, bringing you to orgasm.

7. The CAT

The coital alignment technique is very similar to regular missionary sex, but with a few variations. He needs to remain quite deep inside you while you push your pubic bone against him. Then instead of thrusting so much, he needs to grind on you, giving you a lot of stimulation to your clitoris.

This makes the coital alignment technique one of the best sex positions for having a clitoral orgasm. It’s also really easy to transition to this position from missionary.

8. The Jockey

This one is easy for a woman: just lie back, relax and enjoy it. To perform the jockey sex position, you need to lie on your stomach with your rear end raised. Your man then straddles you on his knees and enters you. In this sex position, your man can penetrate you with a lot of force. This is great for those who climax from really passionate or even rough sex.

If you enjoyed learning these eight different sex positions, but want to learn how to talk dirty to your man, then you may be interested in checking out this detailed presentation here. Or if you want a detailed instructional video on how to give your man super-pleasurable oral sex, then you might be interested in this tutorial video.

Written by Stephen Mayer

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