5 Steps to Becoming More Attractive

Five small but important ways to be more attractive… ASAP!

1. Shave It Off

Firstly: no, you don’t have to do away with your beard, goatee or mustache. As we’ve reported recently facial hair is here to stay. But no-one swoons over hair sprouts that appear random and/or unkept. So take a razor to any place on your face where you don’t want coverage. Hint: stubble above and below a beard looks bad so lose it. Don’t neglect other less obvious spots—eyebrows, nostrils, ears and the back of your neck. Be brave up top too: if you’ve got a good head of hair, have it cut and styled smartly; if you’re thinking, consider a buzz cut or shaving yourself smooth. Styled and sleekly bald is sexy. Hairsplosions, tonsures, and comb-overs are the devil’s work.

2. Hydrate & Exfoliate

Water is your friend. Better yet it’s pretty much free. You’ll be amazed by the difference keeping yourself topped up and scrubbed can make to your skin. Drinking two to three liters of  H2O a day will give you a healthy glow in addition to all the health benefits in terms of weight loss, better digestion and kidney function. Don’t spend precious bucks on the bottled stuff, either. Just get a good quality BPA-free bottle and remember to carry it. Lose it? Get another one pronto—it’ll be cheaper than two days’ worth of buying bottles. As for the outer you, exfoliate daily to scrub off dead skin cells that can clog pores, leading to ingrown hairs and accentuate wrinkles. Splash your face with warm water first and then gently use an exfoliator by massaging it into your skin in circular motions. Do it twice or three times a week. It’ll also make for a smoother shave. For more quick grooming tips check our article here.

This is one you can do in one second: stand up straight, man! No-one wants to be short, so why lose an inch or more by slouching. Shoulders back, chest out, chin up: this conveys the attractive qualities of confidence and control. Good posture can also help to prevent numerous health issues, including back pain, spinal problems, joint degeneration and poor circulation. Remember it’s “tall, dark and handsome”, not “slouching, dark and handsome”. Good posture also shows off your clothes to their best advantage. Speaking of which…

This isn’t the bit where we tell you to go out and spend a fortune on the latest fashions. Of course, if you’re in the market and can afford it, nice new threads can make a huge difference to how handsomely you present and how confident you feel. But there are other important factors at play when it comes to clothes. How well do your clothes fit? Too tight is always unflattering. Too loose looks like you’ve got something to hide. Be sure you don’t delude yourself when appraising your wardrobe or buying new clothes. If you intend to hit the gym, shape up and slim down, that’s fine—but buy that wardrobe when you’ve got that body. In the interim, wear what fits well. If you’re worried about height, go for stripes that accentuate your body length, and opt for darker clothes for a slimmer effect. Also crucial: keep your clothes in good nick. That means washing and ironing more than every full moon and cleaning and polishing your footwear.

5. Lighten Up & Listen

You know how women supposedly always answer “sense of humour” when asked what they find most attractive in a man? Yeah, we think it’s overrated too, otherwise Danny DeVito and Woody Allen would be up there with Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling in the Sexiest Man Alive stakes. But while you can’t will yourself to have a chiseled jaw, a sense of humour is a factor you can cultivate to make yourself more attractive. The whole brooding thing might create initial intrigue but making a potential partner laugh generates lasting attraction. You don’t have to be a stand-up comedian. It’s more about relaxing, trying not to take things too seriously and seeing the funnier side of things. If jokes don’t come easy, don’t despair – just being willing to laugh a little at yourself conveys a huge amount about your self-confidence. Same goes for listening to a potential partner. Psychology tells us we’re self-centered beings so the obvious impulse is to talk to impress. Ironically it’s also why we rate good listeners as being highly attractive because they’re reinforcing our sense of worth.

5 Steps to Becoming More Attractive

Written by Stephen Mayer

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