5 Ways To Make Your Morning Grooming Routine Quicker

If your morning grooming routine is taking longer than 20 minutes you may need few of these techniques for getting out the door on time.

Shave in the Shower

You should shave after a shower anyway, as the hot water will soften the skin and open up the pores to allow a smoother, less brutal passage of the blade across your whiskered face. Combine your time under the tap head with your shaving routine… an in-shower mirror, a waterproof electric shaver and a shaving gel and you can cut 5-10 minutes off the morning ritual.

3-in-1 products

Men’s grooming has seen an explosion in products that combine functions, knowing that they’re more likely to appeal to men either because they’re time-poor, lazy, or travel a lot. And so there is now a range – from cheap as chips to premium – of products which are body wash as well as shampoo, shaving gel, and even moisturizer. You’ll have to trial a few to find which one works best for you but once you do, you’ll cut down time and a number of plastic bottles crowded into your shower.

Moisturising Sunscreen

Mositurising and protecting your skin from environmental elements should both be part of a daily grooming routine. Your skin will love you for it. SPF moisturisers prevent the need for two steps in the morning by performing both functions. Nivea, Neutrogena, L’Oreal, Dove, Lab Series and a bunch of others, both reasonable and expensive, now produce moisturisers with SPF sun protection to help you take on the day faster.

Use ‘Product’ Productively

Men can spend longer than they should on their hair by overusing ‘product like wax or styling gel. That is, emerge from the shower when wet, whack a stack of product in hair, then struggle to get it looking “right” for the ensuing 15 minutes. Instead, while your hair is still damp, style your hair in the way you want it before applying product. When applying the styling product, use half of what you think you need. The way you styled it after the shower should give you an indication of where you need to use it for extra hold. Use paste if you have short to medium hair, a styling cream if your hair is longer. Keep your hair a respectable length to ensure you’re not there for a half hour every morning.

Teeth For The Day

Two-in-one dental products have also become much more common. Teeth-whitening toothpaste that also acts as mouthwash, floss sticks that also act as toothpicks, etc. Again, trial and error… find the one that works for you and help cut down time in the morning. Your morning grooming routine should take no longer than 15 minutes by employing the above tips.

5 Ways To Make Your Morning Grooming Routine Quicker

Written by Stephen Mayer

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