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    Best Penis Extenders For 2020

    The Best Penis Extenders Money Can Buy in 2020 With 2020 approaching I wanted to keep you guys updated on what’s happening in the world of penis extenders. With new models being released and with many Chinese fakes being found on sites like Ebay I thought I better set the record straight. In a nutshell […]

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    How Realistic Are Your Expectations of Your Partner?

    The Challenges of relationships are testing at the best of times here is an article from a phsycologist with reference to some of his patience. Take the time to read this one fellas ! For full article go here As an anger management specialist it’s not at all unusual for me to hear clients exclaim, […]

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    Take The Gym With You – Anytime Fitness

     Having the gym handy is not always possible with work and commitments out of town. Heres is a great set of drills that you can take with you anywhere. A fun, simple, and adaptable program to keep you smiling and moving well for life. Your workout should not be a job. Sure, you won’t want to […]

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    The Easiest Ways to Upgrade Your Breakfast

    Let’s face it—none of us has a ton of time to cook. By relying on ready-made bases with simple, easy-to-pronounce ingredients, you can quickly, easily prep a healthy breakfast. Having the base handled also makes it that much easier to customize the resulting breakfast to your own needs, whether it’s adding adaptogenic superfoods to keep […]

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    ​5 Timeless Sex Tips We Learned From Superbad

    Superbad is 10 years old today, but it holds up as one of the funniest and wisest comedies to come out in the ’00s. The movie, starring Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Seth Rogen, and Emma Stone, continues to resonate with its themes of friendship and change, but it also endures for its raunchy sex jokes […]

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    Being A Male Escort may Not Be As Easy As You Think ?

    Maybe you thought being a male escort might bring a little extra cash in on the weekends, or how about a career ? It’s something you dont think of every day I’m sure, but it’s certainly a real and thriving industry. Here is an article and a few video we rounded up which I think […]

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    Quick Extender Pro Review

    If you wish to extend the size of your manhood without resorting to fruitless tactics, one of the best choices you can make is to consider a penis extender. While your options are wide and varied when it comes to penile enlargement, you will find that compared to other options, extenders boast the advantage in […]

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    Why There’s No Such Thing as ‘Healthy Obesity’

    Recent research has put forth a dubious concept called “metabolically healthy obesity.” Basically, it’s a term used to describe obese people whose metabolism performs like that of a person with a normal weight, and who don’t seem to have signs of health problems that often plague obese people (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and insulin […]

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    ​Weight Training Can Reduce Anxiety

    Want to quiet your racing mind? Take it to the gym: Weight training can help relieve your anxiety, a new meta-analysis in the journal Sports Medicine suggests. That’s what researchers concluded after crunching the numbers from 16 previous studies on 922 participants. The lifting routine varied in each study, but ranged from two to five […]