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Bathmate Hydromax

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Brand: Bathmate
Model: Hydromax Series
Price: $149 USD
Coupons: YES


Reviewed By: Stephen Mayer
Rating: stars
Summary: I have been using the bathmate everyday without a hitch and it has given me an extra 3cm growth in girth. It has never leaked any air or water or caused any fluid buildup. I love this device as it has never pinched my skin. Be warned ! Their are fakes out of china floating around online and I recommend you go through the official site below.


My Honest Take on Bathmate Hydromax – See Pictures Below

When it comes to penis pumps, Bathmate Hydromax most probably comes to the minds of many men, since their lineup is quite well known. I want to tell you in this review about my personal experience with this penis pump, and I will show you the naked truth (pun totally intended). First, let me tell you what the new penis pump from Hydromax has over the Hercules model:

  • The Gaiter System is 35% more powerful
  • The Swivel Gaiters let you rotate the pump 360 degrees
  • Super Flow Lock Valve prevents leakage

The Xtreme version also comes with some nice perks, like an extra tube and a hand pump.

What are the most important benefits of Bathmate?

Let’s start with what is said about Bathmate. As a user, I have tried the product myself and I can say that some of the claims laid by the company making the pump were truer in my case than in other men’s. Each man is different, so your experience may also be different. Long story short, here is what you can expect from Bathmate:

  • A length gain from 1 inch to 3 inches
  • More girth
  • Serious ego boost
  • More staying power
  • Better orgasms
  • Curve straightening
  • A bigger penis head
  • No more premature ejaculation
  • An aid in treating erectile dysfunction

I have personally tried all the penis pumps in the Bathmate Hydromax line. I experienced the flaws of the first model, the Hercules, but I liked the results, so I upgraded in time to the X30, and right now I am a power user of X40. You may have read a lot of reviews and learned only about advantages. I am not going to lie to you; not everything in this review will glorify this penis pump. I want to give you the truth exactly as I have witnessed it while using the Bathmate. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to let me know, and I’ll help how I can.

Is the Bathmate better than others?

A penis pump is a penis pump. That’s a good right thing to say. Only that it’s not true. As a man who has used plenty of penis pumps in his lifetime, I can honestly say that the Bathmate is better than the others I have used. Being a water pump, it is much comfortable and you can use it when you shower. I really like its results and it’s not just me; there are hundreds of guys like me who can vouch for it, too.

Now there are a bunch of water penis pumps all over the Internet. Don’t let yourself fooled by rip offs. Just go for the real thing.

You can see a more in-depth comparison between the Bathmate and Penomet by clicking on the image below.

The lineup

Since I have been using various models from the Bathmate lineup, I want to give you a clear comparison between all the available models.

See what features Hercules, x30, x40, Xtreme x30, Xtreme x40 and Goliath have, and what model is right for you from the next chart.

hercules-clear x30-clear x40-clear xtremex30 xtremex40 goliath
Model Hercules Hydromax x30 Hydromax x40 Xtreme x30 Xtreme x40 Goliath
7 inches
(180 mm)
7 inches
(180 mm)
8 inches
(210 mm)
7 inches
(180 mm)
8 inches
(210 mm)
10 inches
(254 mm)
6.5 inches
(177 mm)
6.5 inches
(177 mm)
8 inches
(203 mm)
6.5 inches
8 inches
(203 mm)
9 inches

What I think of the Bathmate after one year and a half

Let me give it to you straight: I am simply in love with this water based penis pump. It is a no brainer, simple, straightforward, exactly what a man wants in such a product. First time I used it, I immediately noticed how I was starting to get more girth. In the beginning, the girth gain remained for several hours, then more and more, until I got a thicker, bigger penis.

Here is a little trick I use. I do some Kegel exercises when I use the pump. It helps a lot, and I really think made the extra benefits from the Bathmate even more consistent. Now I have some really great erections, and my stamina is much better.

What about penis size? You may ask. I gain more than one inch, and I am proud of my results. This is a product that truly delivers. No frills, no bells and whistles, but it gets the job done and this is exactly what I am after.

How does the pump work?

I am not going to bore you right now with scientific details. Just watch this video that explains much better than I can the clear, yet efficient principles behind the Bathmate Hydromax.

The Hydromax model in a nutshell

I have been a user of the x30 model for a long while. I can tell one thing; this one has much more suction power than its siblings. They say it’s an increase of about 30%, but I really think it’s more. It is more efficient, too; practically, what the x30 does for you is that it pumps a lot of blood in your penis, and, as you most probably know by now, the more blood in the penis, the better the expansion you will get using the pump.

How the Hydromax Penis Pump Works

What I personally recommend is to use the pump with hot water. Guaranteed, you will be amazed with the results! This model is comfortable, too. I like the gaiter seal – it’s made of silicon – because it does not bite on your skin and it does not cause any discomfort, either.

What can I tell you more? If you already have a large size penis, maybe the x30 is not for you. If you are over 8.5 inches when erect, then you should go for the Goliath model.

Want your lady to notice the difference? Pick your Bathmate. Don’t let her know what you do, just aim to impress her. It costs just 160 bucks plus shipping and tax, so it’s a great deal, on top of everything.

Goliath and Hercules

You will notice that there are many different models in the lineup. The Goliath is a toy for porn stars, though. Unless you already pack a 9 inch penis with a 2.6 inch girth, you won’t find any use for this one. The suction is not that great, either.

The Hercules was their first pump. Now it’s a bit outdated, and the one I use now is so much better, with better suction and more comfort. But the thing is the Hercules has already been tried by over 200.000 men. It’s a good, reliable product. If you want to try it, you can have it for around 100 bucks.

Click the picture below to buy the Hercules, if you are budget shopping.

What happened to me after using Hydromax

I must admit that I have tried plenty of penis pumps in my time. Now I believe my search is over. The Hydromax is just amazing. It’s so easy to use, so comfortable, you just put it on, pump a few times and relax. It’s just so great to get impressive results, while doing so little.

However, I must say that it is a bit annoying that I have to be quite religious about shaving my pubes to get the best of this pump. If you do not want the suction pump placed at the root of the penis to pull some of your pubes when you take it off, just shave and be done with it.

What I was most amazed with was how much girth I could gain from using the Hydromax. You gain some length, too, but, let’s face it, using a pump is all about getting you more girth.

Anyways, I started using it and I noticed how my penis was thicker when I took off the pump. At first, my penis stood like this for several hours, then for an entire day … and in the end, it got me a nice good girth improvement that my girlfriend loves.

Do you want a thicker penis? This was what I wanted and Hydromax delivered. There is no better way to put it. I love this penis pump. It is simple, but it works and that’s all that matters.

Check out my before and after pictures

But did I get to keep the gains?

I know it’s a major concern for many men. What I can say about Hydromax though is: YES, the gains are permanent in both length and girth. YES, this penis pump is the best you can get if you want to improve your girth.

During the first month of using the Bathmate, I noticed important changes. I was glad, but I knew I had to continue, if I wanted to make my gains permanent. And I did, and, as you can see from the above pictures, I am now the proud owner of a thicker, longer penis.

The best gain is, I must admit, in the girth department. They say that you can gain up to 30% increase in thickness. Just get on a daily routine, like I did, and you will see that the results are nothing short of amazing.

What about length? I must admit that I don’t think I’ll ever get that 3 inch increase in length they are talking about as the maximum that can be obtained. Not by using just the Bathmate. But one inch, that’s doable; it happened to me, and I can honestly say the Bathmate works for me.

Did the Bathmate make me a better lover?

At first, I wasn’t so sure about the claims the manufacturer talked about regarding getting more staying power and better erections. I could not say I was feeling dramatic changes. Of course, I was more than pleased with the gain in girth I was getting, so it was not that big an issue for me.

However, after I used the device for such a long time, I can clearly vouch that the Bathmate helps with bedroom performance, too. My erections got better and better, and even when I was not erect, I still had enough blood flood in the penis that it looked more impressive for my girlfriend. Also, when I get aroused, I achieve an erection rather quickly.

What warranty is offered?

The device comes with a full year warranty in case any breaks or cracks appear. I have my Bathmate for more than a year and I still don’t see any signs of wear and tear.

The warranties offered are even more interesting than this. They say they will give you your money back if in 4 weeks you see no change. However, you should take some ‘before’ pictures, so you can truly compare if nothing changed. They will ask for the receipt and also a paper with your current measurements.

This penis pump is so good that I doubt anyone would want his money back, but, if you want to be safe, take some ‘before’ pictures and measurements to keep track of your process. As you can see from my pictures, this penis pump is a true winner, so I highly recommend it for anyone wanting a thicker penis.

How the Hydromax Penis Pump Works

What is the Hydromax penis pump?


Written by Stephen Mayer

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