Sizegenetics Review The Good and The Bad

SizeGenetics Review The Good and the Bad

Whenever you try a male enhancement product, you need to weigh all its ups and downs. Since I have been using a SizeGenetics penis extender for more than a year now, I can offer you a honest insight on the most important good and bad aspects of this particular male enhancement product.


What I can tell you before anything else is that the SizeGenetics extender has worked great for me until now, as I’ve gained more than one inch in length, 1.3 inches to be exact. I want you to have a clear picture of what to expect from this penis extender and what you can do to make it deliver the best results for you.


The Good

  1. This is a Type 1 Medical Device, meaning that it is approved by health care professionals and it is safe for human use.
  2. Clinical tests proved its efficiency in 99% of all cases.
  3. The device can be upgraded through various attachments, such as custom suction heads.
  4. The extender is as good as invisible underneath loose clothes.
  5. This device is as good as or even better than surgery, because it does not come with side effects, while still providing reliable penis growth.
  6. If you participate in their program addressed to guys willing to document and post their progress online, you can even get SizeGenetics for free.
  7. The silicone straps are very comfortable.
  8. So far, SizeGenetics has helped a lot of men regain their lost self esteem.
  9. It comes with a membership to PenisHealth, a great add-on for your routines.
  10. The device is made of premium grade materials.
  11. It helps you gain more stamina in bed.
  12. Your growth basically never stops, if you choose to continue using the device after reaching your goal.
  13. It is an expensive penis extender, but a lot less expensive than penile surgery.
  14. Discreet shipping is assured.
  15. It is effective in correcting abnormal penis curvature.
  16. If you use the SizeGenetics extender for prolonged periods of time, you will start gaining more girth, as well.

The Bad

  1. The SizeGenetics extender is comfortable, but it still takes a couple of weeks to get adjusted to it; this may not be to anyone’s liking.
  2. Even if the manufacturer boasts about the gains you can get with it, do not expect overnight success; SizeGenetics does work, but it takes at least a few months to see the first noticeable results.
  3. Commitment is an absolute must; this may scare off some guys, if they have problems committing to long term goals.
  4. The metal bars are a bit uncomfortable because they are cold on your skin and only get warm in time.
  5. The basic package is not a really good deal; you just get the extender, but if you want more straps and add-ons, you will have to spend extra money, so a better idea is to just go with the best from the start, to avoid this back and forth spending that will take you there anyway.
  6. Do not take the recommendation to wear the device for 8 hours daily without any interruptions; once every two hours, you need to take it off, let the blood flow and then put it back again.
  7. This also means that you must have the possibility to take breaks to follow through with the necessity of 10-15 minutes for letting the device aside, and make a few exercises to restore blood flow.
  8. Be aware that when you are wearing the extender, you cannot urinate. By no means you should stray from this rule, as your urethra must not be hindered in any way when you need to see about your private business.

Written by Stephen Mayer

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