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High-Protein, Muscle-Building Vegan Recipes From Pro Athletes

You know you can score plenty of protein just from plants. (At least that’s what people keep saying).

But have you ever seen a meat-free meal that you’d actually want to eat?

Paleos, prepare to have your mind blown.

We asked five vegan athletes to share a few of their go-to recipes for when they need to refuel and repair damaged muscle. The roster:

Whether you’re thinking about going full vegan or just trying to eat at least one meal a week free of meat, any of these recipes will keep you fueled, happy, and on track to getting totally cut.

At first, the thought of making brownies from chickpeas and peas may seem all wrong—but trust us, your tastebuds and your waistline will thank you. Just check out personal trainer Joe Holder’s Instagram, and you’ll see why it pays off to throw a few vegan recipes in your rotation.

Check out the full recipe for Joe Holder’s protein brownies here.

If NBA superstar and longtime vegan JJ Redick can substitute beef for this all-natural veggie patty, you can too. With all the classic flavors of a traditional burger coming from the toppings you put in between the buns, you won’t even be able to tell the difference.

Check out the full recipe for JJ Redick’s Mediterranean Beyond Burger here.

If there’s one thing we’re always on the lookout for, it’s a good healthy substitute for man ‘n cheese—and this deliciously healthy recipe absolutely fits the bill. If this can keep a pro wrestler like Austin Aries full, then we’re pretty sure it’ll keep you full too.

Check out the full recipe for Austin Aries’ lentil macaroni and cashew cheese here.

Overnight oats are serious business—as in they’re seriously packed with protein, and seriously easy to make. So when you’re tired of your regular old breakfast routine, take a page out of Griff Whalen’s breakfast playbook—the NFL wide receiver and vegan knows a thing or two about breakfasts of champions—and whip together this ready-to-go breakfast the night before.

Check out the full recipe for Whalen’s overnight oats here.

Avocado toast isn’t just the trendiest food on your Instagram feed—it’s also packed with protein and good-for-you fats. This version, which comes courtesy of vegan bodybuilder Torre Washington, is sure to give you an extra boost of energy with an extra boost of protein thanks to the addition of white beans.

Check out the full recipe for Torre Washington’s white bean and avo toast here.

Craving takeout Chinese but don’t want to splurge on calories? This dish will satisfy those cravings and it’ll pack twice the protein with half of the fat. (Plus, this way you won’t be tempted to eat leftover Chinese (again) for breakfast the next morning.)

Check out the full recipe for Torre Washington’s teriyaki Brussels and tempeh here.

The best thing about making quesadillas is precisely how easy they are to make. But that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the healthy ingredients.

These vegan ‘dillas are packed with just as many nutrients as a dinner that would take an hour to prepare.

Check out the full recipe for Torre Washington’s bean quesadillas here. High-Protein, Muscle-Building Vegan Recipes From Pro Athletes


Written by Stephen Mayer

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