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My Honest Take on the MaleEdge Penis Extender




MaleEdge is the name of a penis extender made by the same guys who created JesExtender. While I have quite a good opinion of the latter, MaleEdge did not make me thrilled just the same. It is, like the JesExtender device, doctor endorsed and it has the same Medical Certification, but it misses a few points and that is quite a shame, as far as I am concerned. Since I promised to offer you nothing but my honest take on these products, and I wouldn’t want anyone to buy a male enhancement device without knowing what they are spending money on, here is what I truly think of the MaleEdge penis extender.

What I like: their money back guarantee policy


As is the case with many penis extenders on the market, MaleEdge promises you an increase in both length and girth. If the device does not work for you and you want your money back, you need to take pictures to track your progress (or lack thereof), while keeping up with the routine they recommend their clients in order to obtain the promised results.

Their money back guarantee policy is quite something, I must say. They do not only say that they are paying you back to cover your purchase, but they are willing to give you double the sum, if nothing happens and your penis doesn’t grow at all.

Their warranty – which is two years, not just one, like for other products – extends on any kind of breakage and damage the extender might suffer. Since the item is made of plastic, I assume it may crack quite easily. It didn’t happen to me, but I think it is highly possible.


 How to wear MaleEdge

Even if I am not particularly crazy about MaleEdge, I must say that I find the manufacturer’s choice to go for silicone straps instead of a silicone noose, quite good. With straps, you won’t get any nasty pinching on the sensitive skin of your penis, and straps do not come off as often as a noose. So, this choice is commendable from their part.

What I also found interesting about MaleEdge is that it can be worn by men with a micropenis. Usually, companies prefer to charge extra for such a version, so it’s good that MaleEdge is universal.

You will probably find the straps comfortable and you will also feel like there is more uniform pressure on the glands, compared to other similar product. What I don’t really like, though, is the system they use for snapping; the device has some snap and pull rods. They are quite ok, but the chance to lose one is quite high.

Good for those with abnormal penis curvature

In case you have a penis that is curved to one side or downwards, wearing the MaleEdge will solve the issue in about two to three months. The thing is the extender will not only help you with the curvature, but it will make your penis appear to be bigger, because it will stand straighter.

Overall impression

The advantages this penis extender brings are quite important, and I would not say, hand on heart, that it is a bad product. But there are some things I need to say about it.

The first impression when I opened the package was good. They offer a nice looking box with the extender, and it looks quite elegant. The straps and all the other components are placed in their own compartments, and there are some extras delivered with the extender, like a CD with the instructions and recommendations, as well as a ruler for you to keep track of your progress.

You can get the Basic, Extra or Pro package. If I have a small beef with the guys who made MaleEdge is that not even the most expensive version can lengthen a man’s penis to 10 inches, like other extenders do. The best you can do with this one is 9 inches.

Another thing that I am not really crazy about is the fact that everything is made of plastic. I do not expect this product to be very durable, but I must appreciate the manufacturer’s effort to make a product that is easier to use, and more comfortable, as well as more convenient when you need to go to the bathroom.

Discreet shipping

If you are ordering the product, you do not have to worry that anyone will suspect what you have ordered. The plain brown box and the unsuspicious name of the company sending the product are enough for discreet shipping and your piece of mind.

Last words

If there is one particular thing I like about MaleEdge is that the company making it has a very reliable online tracking system. While this is recommended to be used so you can document your progress or lack of it, in case you want your money back, it is also a place where you can get in touch with other men using the device and documenting their progress. This can be a very good motivation to keep up with your routine, so you can increase the size of your penis.

Penis extenders are reliable for penis growth. While MaleEdge is not on par with its sibling, JesExtender, it is comfortable and easy to wear. Dedication is needed for results, but, in the end, persistence pays off.

Written by Stephen Mayer

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