Do penis pumps work?

Do Penis Pumps Actually Work?

It’s a question that runs through many people’s minds, looking to buy a penis pump for increasing their length or girth. The bottom line is yes, penis pumps do work, as long as you know what you are doing. You can use it once and be done, gaining temporary size to impress a special someone or you can use it regularly in combination with certain supplements to gain more permanent results.

Either way, making sure you have the right pump and you are using it correctly is important in gaining the size and length that you desire.

Creating micro-tears in penis

What penis pumping does to the penis is the same than an intense bodybuilding workout does to your muscles. (Penis is also just another muscle in the body.)

When you overload any muscle, it causes micro-tears, the principle on which muscle growth is supposed to take place. When you use the pump, the internal pressure in the shaft cause micro-tears in the muscles and tissues and as the cells grow and more blood can enter the penis, it gives you the increased size and hardness that you are looking for.

How to use a pump?

Pumps are very simple to use. All you have to do is insert your penis and push the pump down a few times. It makes a vacuum, sending more blood to the penis. Wait a few minutes, and then do it again to get the most blood down there as possible. You can even use a penis ring after to hold the blood in. And there are your results. It’s great for men with erectile dysfunction or simple that have weak erections because the created vacuum forces extra blood into the shaft. The whole idea is to get more blood flow to the penis. It’ll make your erections harder and bigger.

Choosing the right pump is extremely important

  1. You want to make sure that the pump is a reliable company and that the materials are of good quality
  2. You also want the pump to have gauges on it so you can control the vacuum in the pump.
  3. The pump tube should be clear so that you can keep an eye on your little man and make sure that appearance-wise everything is kosher.
  4. Lastly, it should have a quick release feature, just as a safety precaution.
  5. There are lots of sites out there that provide you with different pumps of different sizes that promise different things. Be sure to read the customer reviews. They’ll tell you a lot about the results other people got from the product and any issues they had with it.
  6. Also, don’t be afraid to spend a little money on the product. You get what you pay for, and the health of your penis should be put at risk just because you wanted to save a few bucks.

A great product out there for those that are just getting into this whole penis enlargement is the Bathmate HydroMax Suction device. It’s one of the most efficient as well as popular products out on the market. It is simple to use, and you can use it in the bath or shower. It’s a water pump, which is some of the safest pumps on the market, as they apply pressure evenly to your penis which avoids injuries or awkward penile curvature.



Penis pumps are perfectly safe to use if you are using them correctly. Reading the instructions may seem redundant for those that think they know what they are doing, but it may be advantageous to you to take a quick peek. It’ll prevent you from doing anything you’ll regret, like bruising your penis. Whether you are using an air pump or a water pump, do yourself a favor, and read the directions.

The bottom line is that penis pumps work. You can use pumping once in order to get temporary results, or you can use it consistently and see more permanent results.

Add in a workout plan, some dopamine enhancers, and other techniques and you’ve got yourself a workout program for your penis. Like any workout plan, you have to stick it out to see results and if you do, you will. Products like the HydroMax pump are proven to give you the size and length you are looking for, giving you more self-confidence and self-esteem which can give you a little extra something in bed.

Written by Stephen Mayer

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