Peyronies Cure Is There a Solution in 2020

Is there a peronies cure that does not involve surgery or injections? That has been the question for some time and as a sufferer of peyronies disease I can say that the sizegenetics  system has been a great help when it comes to straightening the penis.

What is Peyronies Disease ?

Peyronie’s disease is a condition in men that can interfere with the afflicted man’s sexual life and activity. Basically, Peyronie’s disease is the medical term used to describe the situation where a patient’s penis is abnormally bent or curved to the point where significant pain is seen during an erection and interferes with the man’s sexual activity. Although many men have some curvature present when experiencing an erection, as penises obviously vary in size and their shape, in cases labeled as Peyronie’s disease the significant curvature exhibited may cause a significant amount of pain and result in interference with having normal sexual intercourse. The disease is therefore also commonly linked and associated with erectile dysfunction (ED) by many urologists and urological experts when discussing the causes and treatments of ED.

The Sizegenetics System Helps You Regain the Natural Length of Your Penis
The Peyronies disease was named after Francois de la Peyronie, who was the personal doctor of Louis XIV, king of France. He discovered that abnormal penis curvature can be caused by a buildup of plaque under the skin. As a result of this condition, keeping the penis erect can be painful, and the curvature present takes inches from penis length.


Penis curvature can occur naturally, without the presence of the Peyronies disease. However, this can also steal inches from your natural length, so you may want it corrected. If you have penis curvature, whether you suffer from Peyronies disease or not, here is a great solution to your problems: the Peyronies Device, a straightening device backed by scientific and clinical studies for correcting penis curvature.

Firstly you need to determine and  – Do you have Peyronies Disease or a curved penis? (There is a difference you need to be aware of.)


Peyronies is a curvature of the penis  which is created as a result of a lump (otherwise known as a plaque) which is formed out of something similar to scar tissue.

This lump can be very painful and in some cases can cause the penis to bend to one side either while flacid or erect. If the severity of the curve is really bad it can make sex difficult, and in some extreme cases, impossible.


◊ If you have a lump or a build-up of plaque then you have Peyronies disease.

◊ If you don’t have a lump or build-up of plaque it is a naturally occurring curvature.

Both can be treated without much fuss while using the specialist treatment plans avialable when ordering the peyronies device. They can be tailored to your needs – to ensure the quickest results in the shortest possible time.

If you are unsure, I recommend you consult a doctor before choosing your treatment plan. Beware most doctors will talk about surgery and injections, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying the peyronies device.

We experienced fast shipping when we ordered and a 6 month global guarantee.


Important benefits of the Peyronies Device:

  • Tremendously corrects penis curvature
  • Lengthen the penis
  • Diminishes pain and discomfort in the penis
  • Better, stronger erections


What is the Peyronies Device?

The Peyronies Device is a medical penis straightening device, born from proved traction technologies used by doctors for centuries. While these technologies were first used to correct and lengthen limbs, researchers successfully managed to use them to create a great medical device for correcting penis curvature, whether it is caused by the Peyronies disease or not.


With 10% of all men having some form of penis curvature, it was clear that a special device was needed. Especially patients with the Peyronies disease were in dire need of a working treatment, since drugs for correcting this condition are highly ineffective, and surgery is risky, since it can be accompanied by terrible side effects, such as local infections, and even erectile dysfunction and impotence.

As opposed to these solutions, the Peyronies Device, based on traction technologies, is safe, comfortable, and it really works!


How does the Peyronies Device work?

The Peyronies Device is the result of extensive scientific research. Patients with the Peyronies Disease, as well as men who have penis curvature without the condition can safely use the device for great results. Here is how the device works:

  • The device is firmly placed on the penis, but not to the point that it becomes uncomfortable.
  • The tension must be adjusted to start traction. If you feel any pain, stop right away.
  • As you use the device, the penis is pulled and stretched over time, and a process called cell duplication starts.
  • By wearing the device on a regular basis, the penis becomes straighter and it increases its length.

What is cell duplication?

When you wear the Peyronies device, the penis is kept in a straighter manner. This means that an amount of traction is applied steadily. In the areas where the penis is pulled more (in the area with the curvature problem), the cells are starting to pull apart from one another, triggering a natural process called cell duplication. This means that your penis grows to become longer, stronger, and healthier.


Backed by clinical evidence

The Peyronies device is backed by clinical studies, such as the one carried by the Urology Department of the University of Torino. According to the study findings, patients wearing the device saw the following results:

  • Correction in penis curvature of up to 20 degrees
  • Improved sex lives
  • The device was comfortable to wear
  • The Peyronies device was established as an alternative to surgery

Written by Stephen Mayer

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