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Sizegenetics Results: Improved Penis Extender

SizeGenetics Results for Penis Extenders – What Clinical Studies Say

I knew when I bought my SizeGenetics that it was designed and endorsed by health care professionals, but only later I discovered that its efficiency was tested during a clinical trial.
I am not going to bore you to death with the lengthy findings of the doctors who ran the clinical studies in question. However, I am impressed that a male problem managed to draw the attention of urologists and the medical device SizeGenetics was put to the test.
Names such as Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, Dr. Finn Worm Knudsen and Dr. Michael Carter are behind SizeGenetics. All of them are certified urologists and they invested their knowledge about male anatomy in creating a medical device that truly addresses the issues created by having a short penis.
Let’s take a look at what the clinical studies found about SizeGenetics.

The clinical trial at a glance

Since speaking in medical terms is not my forte, and I doubt half of you would go through the findings if I were to publish them here as they were in the British Journal of Urology (March 2009, Volume 103, Issue 9, Pages 793-797), I decided to offer you a short, easy to understand version.
Who were the patients?
The average age of patients included in the clinical trial was 45.7 years.
The average length of their penises was 2.81 inches, in flaccid state, and 3.78 inches, when stretched. Average girth was 4.09 inches.
21 males participated in the study, while 9 were excluded due to various reasons, such as inability or unwillingness to wear the device. The ones remaining wore SizeGenetics for 4-6 hours daily for six months.
What were the results?
Now that you know the nitty-gritty details, let’s get to the actual stuff. Did they gain any extra length?
I will let the figures speak for themselves.

Average Changes in Penile Length
Stretched Penis
1 Month 0.37 inches
3 Months 0.17 inches
6 Months 0.14 inches
12 Months 0.02 inches

Flaccid Penis

1 Month 0.44 inches
3 Months 0.27 inches
6 Months 0.16 inches
1 Month 0.05 inches
3 Months 0.06 inches

Again, I must remind you that these guys included in the study did not wear SizeGenetics for more than 4-6 hours daily, and not for 9-10 hours, as indicated by the manufacturer. Still, as you can see, they still managed to acquire growth in penis length, and even a bit more girth. I did not include all the intervals, as at some point, no noticeable changes were noticed.

The Conclusion

The health care professionals involved in the study concluded that SizeGenetics is indeed, effective, in helping men grow a longer, slightly thicker penis, by wearing the device for at least six months, 4-6 hours daily.
You can always read my complete review of SizeGenetics, describing the results I got as a result of wearing the extender for almost 10 hours daily. I can proudly say that my gains were bigger than what was described in the study. However, do not forget that this type of gain is not possible otherwise; not even penis enlargement surgery can help you this much. If you want long lasting results, stick to the manual, and stick to wearing the penis extender every day, for at least 8 hours.
The doctors surveying the patients during the study published in the British Journal of Urology reached the conclusion that the device is working towards helping patients with a short penis, helping them achieve durable penis lengthening benefits. They were not convinced about the gain in penis girth, but, as you may know, SizeGenetics is mostly geared towards guys who want a longer penis. Other devices, of which I will talk in other articles published here, on my website, are more efficient in that area, if a thicker penis is what you want.
How much penis length growth can you get with SizeGenetics?
I bet the findings showed above are pretty tale telling. My own experience contributes to the facts. SizeGenetics is a good, reliable penis extender and you can expect some really great results, if you are willing to wear it with dedication for at least 8 hours daily.
Putting together the findings of the clinical trial and other data gathered from men who have used the device just like me, here is how much you can get from using SizeGenetics:
• Around 1 inch gain in length if you use SizeGenetics daily for 6 months, for at least 8 hours daily
• Around 1-2 inches gain in length if you use SizeGenetics daily for one year, for at least 8 hours daily
I am not saying that you will get the EXACT same gains as me or anyone else. Each man has his own particularities and you may even get a higher length gain. You can purchase the SizeGenetics penis extender directly from my website, by pressing the button below.

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Written by Stephen Mayer

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