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Sizegenetics Results: Improved Penis Extender

SizeGenetics Review

SizeGenetics Results for Penis Extenders – What Clinical Studies Say

SizeGenetics’ endorsement by healthcare professionals is no longer strange anyone who has made purchase, but it is not just that, what we  have also discovered is that its efficacy had been rigorously tested in a clinical trial.

Without delving into the exhaustive details of the clinical studies conducted by these doctors, it’s worth noting that urologists and medical experts taking an interest in addressing male concerns through the testing of the SizeGenetics medical device is impressive.

Prominent names like Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, Dr. Finn Worm Knudsen, and Dr. Michael Carter stand behind SizeGenetics. All three are certified urologists who channeled their expertise in male anatomy to create a medical device aimed at addressing the challenges associated with a shorter penis.

Let’s now explore the findings of these clinical studies regarding SizeGenetics.


The clinical trial at a glance

  • Removing all medical jargons as much as possible and just going through the findings  in the British Journal of Urology, the report below is brief and concise version.Who were the patients?
  • The average age of patients included in the clinical trial was 45.7 years.
  • The average length of their penises was 2.81 inches, in flaccid state, and 3.78 inches, when stretched. Average girth was 4.09 inches.
  • 21 males participated in the study, while 9 were excluded due to various reasons, such as inability or unwillingness to wear the device. The ones remaining wore SizeGenetics for 4-6 hours daily for six months.

What were the results?
Now that you know the nitty-gritty details, let’s get to the actual stuff. Did they gain any extra length?
I will let the figures speak for themselves.

Average Changes in Penile Length

Stretched Penis
1 Month 0.37 inches
3 Months 0.17 inches
6 Months 0.14 inches
12 Months 0.02 inches

Flaccid Penis

1 Month 0.44 inches
3 Months 0.27 inches
6 Months 0.16 inches
1 Month 0.05 inches
3 Months 0.06 inches

Again, I must remind you that these guys included in the study did not wear SizeGenetics for more than 4-6 hours daily, and not for 9-10 hours, as indicated by the manufacturer. Still, as you can see, they still managed to acquire growth in penis length, and even a bit more girth. I did not include all the intervals, as at some point, no noticeable changes were noticed.

The Conclusion

The clinical study conducted by healthcare professionals concluded that SizeGenetics is indeed effective in assisting men in achieving a longer and slightly thicker penis. This was achieved by consistently wearing the device for a minimum of six months, 4-6 hours daily.

For a more detailed account of the results I personally experienced from wearing the extender for nearly 10 hours daily, you can refer to my comprehensive SizeGenetics review. I can proudly attest that my gains exceeded the study’s findings. It’s important to note that such substantial gains are typically unattainable through other means, including penis enlargement surgery. To achieve lasting results, it’s crucial to adhere to the recommended usage and consistently wear the penis extender every day for at least 8 hours.

The doctors overseeing the patients in the study, as published in the British Journal of Urology, concluded that the device is effective in assisting individuals with a shorter penis to achieve enduring lengthening benefits. While they were less convinced about gains in penis girth, it’s worth mentioning that SizeGenetics primarily caters to those seeking increased length. For those interested in a thicker penis, I will explore other devices in separate articles on my website.

So, how much penis length can you expect to gain with SizeGenetics? Based on the comprehensive findings from the clinical trial and data gathered from users like myself, here’s what you can anticipate:

  • Approximately a 1-inch gain in length if you use SizeGenetics daily for 6 months, dedicating at least 8 hours daily.
  • Around 1-2 inches gain in length if you use SizeGenetics daily for a year, for a minimum of 8 hours daily.

It’s important to note that individual results may vary, and you may achieve greater length gains.

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Written by Stephen Mayer

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