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Sizegenetics Review

The Results I Got Using SizeGenetics – A Review with Before and After Pictures

Sizegenetics Review
Sizegenetics Review

In this sizegenetics review, I am going to tell you about my experience with SizeGenetics, the penis extender considered right now to be the best on the market. I usually take any marketing campaigns for male enhancement products with a bag of salt, but, in this case, my skepticism flew out the window once I saw how much SizeGenetics helped me get the penis size I was after.

I am much interested in hearing from you guys. Leave comments, questions, opinions, and as much as possible, I will try to get back to you and offer you the knowledge I got from using this penis extender for a year.

Sizegenetics Review – Long Term Advantages

Here is a shortlist with what the company says you will get by using their product:

  • Abnormal penis curvature will be corrected by prolonged use ♠
  • A growth in penis length of up to 3 inches, and no less than one inch
  • A thicker penis
  • A boost to your male ego
  • Real testimonials with pictures from real users

I have to say that I have personally verified these claims, and they are all true!

Why this penis extender in particular?

There are tons of penis extenders on the market. So, you may be wondering why on earth do I choose SizeGenetics?

First, because they are number one, no question asked. The extender has been on the market for 16 years, and it is backed by surgeons, health care professionals, and other experts. Also, it is certified by CE as a Type 1 Medical Device. This means that it is used by doctors to help their patients through therapy and treatment. Just think about it. What would you choose: an extender backed by plastic surgeons, or some no-name extender?

What happened after half a year

I started wearing SizeGenetics under my clothes more than a year ago. The first change I notice was after a month of regular use. My penis was one cm longer. After three months, the gain was more like an inch. After the first six months, I got more than one inch, which was pretty amazing.

I have to say that it is quite comfortable to wear this penis extender. I usually wear it 4-6 hours daily, and this is how I got here. Of course, I don’t wear it when I spend the entire day with my girlfriend, but, otherwise, I have it on, and I feel no discomfort.

See my picture before and after using SizeGenetics – CLICK THE IMAGES BELOW


I know that I can yap about how much I gained for hours, and you may still not believe me. That’s why I am putting here some pictures to show you my progress. Of course, I don’t want to stop here. As I continue to use SizeGenetics, I will post more pictures.

 How comfortable is it?

One major issue with penis extenders that I totally get, because I did try various models before sticking to SizeGenetics, is discomfort. You will be using the thing for the entire day, so it better be comfortable. No worries here. SizeGenetics comes with a smart 16 way comfort system, with padding and everything you need, so that you do not experience any pinching or pains.

Another issue you may be worried about is slippage. SizeGenetics comes with some clever gimmicks, like a wider strap. I cannot say it is exactly perfect, but it may help.

First impression

From the moment I got SizeGenetics, I noticed it to be a high quality product. You know how when you buy leather goods, it is said to check the quality of stitching? I have to say that SizeGenetics makes a great first impression. Everything is carefully packaged, and there is place for everything. This penis extender is durable, great at what it does, and it even comes with a secret box, so you can lock it away, avoiding anyone you do not want to stumble over it.

Check the pictures below where I show you the things you get in the package.

The effects on penis curvature

A particular thing I want to talk about is how effective SizeGenetics is for correcting penis curvature. Many men experience at least a little curvature, and this can take some of the overall length. Basically, if your penis is pointing down, it won’t look that impressive, right?

This is where I got to see an interesting aspect of SizeGenetics as before I started my penis was beginning to develop a slight curve. After a month or so I noticed I lost this curve. Mix that with the fact that I was  growing in length I could really see the potential here.

Penis training, what is that?

I opted for the Ultimate System, because I could get a lot of nice extras. Surgeons recommend men kegel exercises and other techniques, to maintain a good blood flow to the penis. You can learn all the tricks in the book, from the DVDs that come with SizeGenetics.

I found the exercises to come in handy. However, I must say that the fact that the penis extender allows for passive enhancement was a real bonus. After all, not everyone has the time to play with their penis all day long.

A PenisHealth membership is included with your purchase. Some men are not crazy about the techniques described by the guys there. But they should keep something in mind: keeping a penis extender on for hours can affect the blood flow. After an entire day, you better get a bit of exercising, to maintain your penis in great health.

I was quite impressed with the amount of info they provide. There are 200 photos and 100 videos detailing how you should go about the exercises and techniques they describe. If you want to make the best of your length gain and to keep your penis in great health, check these add-ons, too.

You can see these bonuses in the attached pictures.

Traction Powder for more grip

Sizegenetics Traction Powder


One issue with wearing a penis extender all day long is slippage, as I told you before. The Ultimate System package comes with a special powder that will keep the device in place. You will notice more grip and less slippage right away. What you will also notice is how much better traction becomes.

They also send you cleaning wipes and moisturizer. After using the penis extender for 8 hours straight, I must say that I am grateful for being able to use the lotion to make the skin softer and smoother.

Discreet delivery

You don’t have to worry that your neighbors may find out what you are up to. SizeGenetics comes in a plain box, so no one will suspect anything.

What kind of warranty is offered?

SizeGenetics comes with a great money back guarantee. If within 6 months, you see no improvement, they will give you your money back. This is how much they trust in their product. Seeing so many guys posting before and after photos, it is hard to believe they had too many requests for refund to honor.

Motivation is key

The key to getting the results you want with SizeGenetics is to keep on track and keep motivated. Ask me anything you want, I will try to help you with the info I got while using this penis extender. Take some before pictures and, as you use the extender, track your progress. I am looking forward to hear how you got the same great results as I did. Remember to take a before and after photo!

sizegenetics penis extender

Calculate Your Estimated Penis Growth with SizeGenetics

Use the penis calculator shown here on the right  to see how much your penis can grow when you use this medical device. As you can see from the graph below, the more you will be using the device, the more penis enlargement you will enjoy. And, since wearing SizeGenetics is easy and comfortable, there is no need to settle for meager gains. [penis_calc]



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