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Sizegenetics Verse Bathmate | Which Is Best ?

Hey Guys Stephen from oversizeme here and in this article we are to be tackling the FAQs on how the sizegenetics system compares to the Bathmate. I own both devices and have been using them since 2014 with great success. But it wasn’t until I discovered a few tricks of my own that I started to really see some serious results. So here it is Sizegenetics verse Bathmate and how they rate and compare with each other…

So What is The Main Difference Between The Sizegenetics and The Bathmate?

Tackling the Sizegenetics verse Bathmate argument is not as clear cut as most would like but I’m going to do my best in this article to explain my viewpoint and do they really compare at all ?

Although they are both male enhancement devices, your comparing two different things here. The Bathmate is mainly used for girth but it is possible to get some length, especially if you’ve never tried any male enhancement before, but primarily the device is for girth.

The Sizegenetics on the other hand is entirely for length, and I would say its the very best device for this purpose. If I was to make a guesstimate using the Bathmate five days a week for eight to ten months could get you an extra inch in length. However, if you used the Sizegenetics for 5 days a week you would get that inch in 6 months and the reason is thats it’s primary function, it targets length.

Curved Penis

The other thing it can do is straighten your dick a little bit or quiet significantly. Many men have turned to the sizegenetics to assist with peyronies disease which is really another discussion. Straitening your penis of course will increase length and with that give you some extra confidence.

The Bathmate Fun Factor

The second factor to consider is that the bathmate is a sexy, fun device and it’s very easy to use. Your dick will be pumped up after 10 to 12 minutes with a full erection and you will be thicker and slightly longer, I say slightly as thats not a long time, but it makes your erection feel full and hard ready for some serious action. The thing is it really expands the tissue, so from a preparation standpoint before hitting the bedroom I recommend it just for that short term purpose.The other thing I have noticed is guys don’t quit on the bathmate simply becauce fun and easy to use.

The Serious Tool

Sizegenetics on the other hand is not as fun to use as you have to wear it for 5 to 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. If you can do that or even more, that’s great as you will see even faster gains. Its just that you don’t have the immediate pump up effect from a flaccid size with Bathmate. When you take off the Sizegenetics off to go for a pee it might be a little longer like a quarter of an inch, maybe. But it is not that “whoa holy shit”, like the bathmate when you see a full erection. So there’s not that shock factor with the Sizegenetics like the Bathmate.

In terms of extenders and I’ve tried 3 others, see my review here  and the Sizegenetics is as comfortable as it gets and that’s why people ultimately succeed with it. The main hindranceI find is it can be a hassle to be in public sometimes and you have to go pee and take it off. That can be done very quickly but, you know, it’s an extra step and that may put some people off. Like anything it’s about commitment and you just have to keep that in mind.

My Little Trick

This may not work for everyone but I found using both devices throughout the day gave me the best results. Let me explain my simple routine; I use Sizegenetics while I’m at my desk working and this can be up to 5-8 hours. When I get home I use Bathmate in the bath or when I’m just relaxing and can move around freely. I found this to be a great combo and a healthy routine to get into as consistency is the key here. After 2 months you will see gains and generally feel harder and stronger. If you combine this with regular exercise and a heathly diet you have a winning combination.

Summing Up

So its a tricky simplify this sizegenetics verse bathmate discussion into a “Which team are you on?” it’s kinda not like that. This is why I own both devices as they each server their own purpose. That is why it’s like comparing apple and orange really, Sizegenetics is for length, and Bathmate is for girth with that extra bedroom boost when you need it. If your going for length in the long run you will need an extender like the sizegenetics it’s not as fun and you wont see immediate gains but it is the best device out there for permanent length.

So thats it Bathmate for Girth and Sizegenetics for length, however it does depend on your budget what you’re shooting for. If I had to choose on I would probably start with the bathmate then move onto the sizegenetics. Remember Consistency is Key !

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Written by Stephen Mayer

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