Sizegenetics Scam

SizeGenetics SCAM REPORT

Is Sizegenetics really Working For Male Enhancement

One of the main issues I’ve often noticed among guys, even myself, is a tendency to believe any male enhancement product launched on the market is a scam. Of course, this happens because a LOT of the products advertised as being able to help you grow inches in girth and length are not working as intended. In this article, I am going to talk to you about SizeGenetics, how it works for penis growth, and why it is a legit product that delivers results. As a man who has tried this penis extender, I can only talk from my own experience, but there is something that not even the most skeptical can deny: anyone willing to put patience and work into using such a product, can yield some really good results.

Why there is no magic solution for penis growth

The ads are everywhere. Take this pill and gain X inches in 3 weeks … use this revolutionary device, and watch how inches are added to your length … Do you believe any of this? For sure, I don’t. I’ve paid for enough male enhancement products in my life to tell a scam from a legit deal. SizeGenetics is the latter, but, and this is a big BUT, I had to understand that getting results takes a lot of work and patience and it does not happen overnight.

The penis is an organ, and, as any organ, it grows in time. If you are not willing to put months into working towards results, it is not going to happen, pure and simple.

My experience with SizeGenetics

After I tried a bunch of pills and male enhancement devices, I found SizeGenetics. The penis extender had raving reviews at the time, but I was quite fed up with false claims. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a try.

I started using SizeGenetics in November 2013. This time I was firmly convinced that I will go all the way, wear the extender as indicated in the instructions, and see what happens one year later. Within the first two months, I started noticing some changes. I must admit I was intrigued, and I felt compelled to continue.

When I begun, I had 5.8 inches in length when erect. I really wanted to grow bigger, and my goal was to gain one inch or more. After half a year of wearing SizeGenetics for 8-9 hours daily, except for weekends, I had gained a little over one inch. You can simply imagine my surprise with the results. So I continued, and, at one year after taking the decision to wear SizeGenetics, I managed to gain 1.3 inches. I reached my goal and even a little more.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying SizeGenetics is the only penis extender that works. It is not necessarily this particular product – which is pretty expensive – but extenders that come with a simple technology that helps penis growth provided that you are willing to invest some time and effort into making it work.


Yes, penis extenders work, but only if:

  • They are a CE – Certified Medical Type 1 Device
  • They are comfortable for your personal use

As I told you, SizeGenetics worked very well for me. I do not regret investing 400 dollars in it, and I don’t think I’ll replace it anytime soon. I am quite certain there are other penis extenders on the market that work very well. This one did the trick for me and I am sticking with it. What I want to tell you is that you must still be very much aware of scams. If a penis extender sounds like a good deal, but it is not approved by doctors and it looks made of cheap materials, don’t jeopardize your health. Go for a penis extender that truly works and provides results, like SizeGenetics.

What I like about SizeGenetics

In case you are wondering how I managed to wear SizeGenetics for long hours every day, the answer is simple: the extender is simply very comfortable. This is not, however, the only reason why I like this particular penis extender. Here are some more:

  • It does not slip from your penis while you are wearing it
  • It is completely invisible underneath your clothes; no one will suspect you are wearing it
  • I did not experience any pain
  • There was no rubbing or itching
  • I saw the first results from the first few months

Again, I am not saying SizeGenetics is the only penis extender that works. But it is comfortable, it is made of durable materials, and it delivers as promised. There is nothing bad or wrong I can say about this penis enhancer.

What’s the warranty?

The best way to protect yourself from a scam is to take warranties into consideration. SizeGenetics has quite a generous money back guarantee, but you need to document how the extender did not work for you with before and after pictures, as well as a log for writing your daily routines.

If you want to get the best results from a penis extender, you need to follow the routines described by the manufacturer in the instructions manual, and even add some more. I have plenty of advice readily available on how to grow a larger penis using SizeGenetics or the penis extender of your choice.

What does it take for SizeGenetics to work?

If you are willing to embark on this path of growing a larger penis, you need to have a little talk with your own self. Ask the following questions:

  1. Do I really want to do this?
  2. Am I really dissatisfied with my penis size?
  3. Am I willing to go all the way?
  4. Do I have enough time daily to prepare for putting the extender on?
  5. Am I goal oriented enough?
  6. Am I willing to introduce this routine in my life for the next year?

SizeGenetics is not a scam; it is a totally legit product that can help you gain one inch or more in length. The thing I can tell you is that if you are dedicated enough and have enough time to make this work, it will most likely will, like it did in my case.

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