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What to Consider in a Realistic Sex Doll that will boost your Sex Life

Let us take it for granted that you have a good idea of why you want a realistic sex doll, this of course will make a big difference to you when the time comes for selecting. If curiosity is what is driving your imagination to the depths of depravity, then think again! The conventional image of an overweight, wealthy old pervert with a wardrobe containing a variety of realistic sex dolls is far from the truth.

Why do People Buy Realistic Sex Dolls?

There are many reasons why people buy real-life dolls. For most people, it’s partly because of loneliness and partly of curiosity. They long for physical experiences coupled with emotional intimacy but find it difficult to relate to real people. There is a multitude of people buying realistic sex dolls that have, at some time in their life had some kind of trauma or anxiety inflicted upon them.

Consequently, they find it extremely difficult to establish a meaningful relationship with any form of partner. It is extremely difficult for people with certain physical or psychological disorders to meet, let alone date other people. In many cases, human-like dolls are the only opportunity they will have of physical intimacy. A realistic sex doll allows people to experiment with intimacy and sex without having all the pressures that are involved around being with another person.

They can also be an extremely useful gift that will benefit mentally or physically handicapped individuals, giving them the opportunity to become part of the real world. Of course, that’s not the entire market for realistic sex dolls, there are many people that just enjoy how unbelievably realistic and sexy they look, or they have their own personal fantasy that they want to perform, maybe something that would not be possible with another consenting adult.

Are Human-Like Dolls Just for Men?

Male sex dolls are not only popular with women but enormously popular among gay and bisexual men as well. The fact that you can have either a male or female sex doll is definitely of great importance, some guys do not want to only have sex with female realistic sex dolls but are AC/DC (they like

both). They are not as common as female sex dolls but there are a number of different types available such as, full size, mini, or torso dolls all available in a variety of styles. As would be expected male sex dolls are in general more muscular and have a firmer feel to them than female dolls. Obviously, the main difference between a male and female sex doll is that the male has a penis and the female does not.

You are still able to have sex with them of course, in fact, they will allow you to do either anal or oral, with the added benefit that they can give as well as receive. If you are prepared to pay a bit more, you can find models that allow you to do things like interchange their penis or even have them give you a hand job.

Why Do You Need a Love Doll?

You probably already know why you need a realistic sex doll, and this will hold you in favor when the time comes to make a choice. If you are buying a human-like doll because you are curious and want to find out why everyone is talking about it, then you might conceivably be on your guard of spending a lot of money on what could be a one-off buy. Alternatively, if you are motivated by the idea and intent on having what you consider to be the best, then you might contemplate whether or not it is worth the investment just to experience a better quality of the doll.

The Price of your Latest Fantasy.

Realistic Sex Doll

Blow-up dolls are not expensive to buy, but one of the biggest concerns for those that are buying a silicone sex doll for the first time is the price. Realistic Sex Dolls start at around $5499, which for most people is a serious investment. Fortunately, there are love dolls to be found made from silicone alternative TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), which many suppliers offer as a lower-cost alternative.

Advantages and disadvantages.

A realistic sex doll is a highly engineered and the most complex sexual product on the market today, it is the most lifelike replica of the human body possible.

There are two primary materials used to achieve this:

  • Silicone
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
  • Silicone is far stronger and more heat resistant than TPE but is not quite as soft. It still feels uncannily realistic and has its own individual benefits.
  • It is possible to have a hot jacuzzi bath with a silicone sex doll, something that is not possible with a TPE-manufactured doll.
  • Silicone is better wearing and easier to clean.
  • The fact that TPE is more absorbent than silicone can lead to issues if it is not thoroughly cleansed and disinfected regularly.
  • Always look for platinum-cured silicone as this gives the finished product a much softer-to-touch feel.
  • An important point not to overlook is that silicone is more rigid than TPE. This means that a TPE doll will have a jiggly, wiggly feeling in the breasts and butt that just isn’t there with a silicone doll.
  • The greatest advantage of TPE is that it’s affordable, you would be hard put to find a full-size silicone love doll for less than several thousand dollars.
  • TPE is decidedly softer and feels more like flesh.
  • Size and Weight: This one is important because the size of a realistic sex doll affects both its price and how you can use it.
  • Full-sized dolls above 5 feet tall are significantly heavier than smaller dolls. Most dolls of that size will weigh more than 90 lbs.
  • Size is not the only thing that affects a doll’s weight. Full-body dolls will always be heavier than half-body or torso dolls, arms and legs are weighty while many men find the experience equally as stimulating without them.
  • Take into consideration the storage of your doll also. A full-size doll uses as much space as a person. Most manufacturers recommend that you hang your doll during long-term storage.

A more compact size doll will set you back less, usually about half the price of a full-sized doll. On the other hand, there is the option of doing away with the extras and choosing only the torso as a simpler masturbating aid. A very lifelike masturbation sleeve is always a good option for a sex doll, they come (pun) a lot cheaper while still feeling like a real vagina.

Blow-up Sex Dolls

At the lower end of the sex doll market cheap blow-up dolls can be found, these are often seen at stag nights and comedy TV shows. They are usually made of vinyl or latex and their inflatability gives them the ability to be easily packed away and stored in small spaces.

While often bought as joke gifts, they are furnished with the necessary orifices for use as sex toys. They may have a vagina and a mouth and their light weight mean that they are easy to position and maneuver. They are readably available, cheap to buy, and come in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Think about this.

A man who uses a sex doll is very likely to be employed and successful. Many of them are also renowned as proficient lovers. They have good health and varying sexual appetites. If the person you love shows interest in purchasing a realistic sex doll, give your support! You may be surprised at how this will most certainly enhance your relationship.

Written by Stephen Mayer

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