X4 Labs Penis Extender Reviewed

What I Really Think of the x4 Labs Penis Extender


When going through the penis extenders existing on the market, I must say that the x4 Labs product is one that really draws attention. For starters, it is the most popular in the US. It is made by a company located in Montreal, Canada, and it enjoys quite a lot of positive feedback from users.

I am, however, disappointed, that they do not have some real and after pictures on their website. The overwhelming number of consumers’ testimonials is a good indication, nonetheless, that this is a reliable product. Plus, their forums are quite animated and they seem to be very helpful with anyone having a question. I also like their growth calculator; I honestly think it is the best you can find, and, while this does not mean that the x4 Labs extender is the best of the best, it is a nice feature worth mentioning.

Money back guarantee in 6 months if you don’t grow at all

The guys making this penis extender seem to be quite confident in their own product. They offer 6 months money back guarantee and you only need to track your progress to show that the product didn’t deliver as promised. I think they are fair in their assumption. After all, if in six months, you don’t see any growth, it means that the device doesn’t work for you.

They offer an extra feature that I find quite interesting: they can engrave your own initials on the device. If you are wondering whether they offer the same money back guarantee for engraved devices, the answer is ‘yes’. That’s how far they go with their trust in their product, so I must say I am impressed.


The amazing support system

Let’s face it, it is very important for a penis extender to be comfortable if you need to wear it for long hours without taking it off for more than a few minutes. You may have heard of the 16 way comfort system that another popular extender has. Well, it looks like the guys making the x4 Labs device, thought to go even bigger (pun intended). Their 32 way comfort system is quite amazing, and it is not simply made of parts you do not really need. The Quad Support system is, again, something worth writing home about, and the design used for their penis extender is one of a kind.

What do I mean by that? The x4 Labs penis extender places pressure along the glands of the penis, instead of just pulling at the head. This helps for faster, more reliable growth, and it is also ideal if you want to grow in both length and girth. I have to admit that this penis extender is a step forward from the first generation of devices for male enhancement, because it adds comfort, more reliable results, and it is also less prone to slipping. All in all, I think they did quite a fine job.

I also love their comfort pads. This are made of the same type of foam as pillows, so just imagine how comfortable they are. It is not worth stretching your penis, if it is painful or uncomfortable. The x4 Labs extender gains extra points in my book for this reason.

Do you suffer from Peyronie’s disease?

Some men feel quite uncomfortable with the fact that their penis is curved in various ways. The most extreme curvatures are usually a consequence of the Peyronie’s disease. A male problem known from the 18th century, it is nowadays corrected by the use of Type 1 medical devices like the x4 Labs penis extender.

You only need to wear this penis extender for 3 months, and you will get great results. If your curvature is just a slight bend, you may even get rid of it faster.

Package options

As it is the case with most male enhancement products on the market, there are different packages offered. A starter kit is great for those who are just willing to try out such a product and see how it goes. A Deluxe edition is offered, and that includes all kinds of fancy extras. Some are just marketing gimmicks, like the 24k gold plated extender bars, but others, like the instructions DVD and the Penis Health membership are quite handy.

Also, if you go for the 32 way comfort system, you won’t regret spending 60 dollars more. The amount of possibilities offered is amazing, and your comfort is on top of everything. A version for men with micropenis is offered, and the increase promised is up to 40%, which is quite something, if you are asking me.



The gold edition is certainly a standout package in the penis extender market you get two devices, one in Red, the other in Blue and both with gold plated trims. Two carrying cases for when you are on the go that double as storage cases. Also included are a Penis Pump and some Sinrex Male Enhancement Supplements.

  • Blue and Gold Patriot Edition Penis Extender
  • Red and Gold Patriot Edition Penis Extender
  • Blue Hybrid Support Piece
  • Blue Quad Support Piece
  • Blue Wide Girth Base
  • Red Hybrid Support Piece
  • Red Quad Support Piece
  • Red Wide Girth Base
  • TriForce Tension Springs
  • 3 Months Sinrex Dual Synergy Supplements
  • Red Patriot Storage Case
  • Blue Patriot Storage Case
  • 8 Adjustable Comfort Straps
  • 8 Silicone Tube Harnesses
  • 4 Ultra-Fit Velcro Straps
  • 10 Anti-Bacterial Short Memory Foam Pads
  • 10 Anti-Bacterial Long Memory Foam Pads
  • Two Full Set of Gold Elongation Bars
  • X4 Labs Penis Pump
  • Extender Cleansing Spray
  • Penile Traction Lubricant
  • 12 Cleansing Wipes
  • X4 Labs $50 OFF Gift Voucher
  • Lifetime Device Warranty
  • PenisAccess DVD & Membership
  • X4 Labs Instruction Manual
  • X4 Labs Instructional DVD


Penis exercises are known to increase the efficiency of penis extenders. I think that it is quite thoughtful of the manufacturer to include such exercises with the premium package. There is also a DVD included that offers info on how to improve your performance in the bedroom. When you think that girls are interested in more than just a big penis, you must take into consideration how to become a better lover, too.


I don’t think there is another penis extender that has received so far, as much media exposure as the x4 Labs penis extender. This is the extender you saw on NBC, ABC, FOX NEWS, and many other channels.

A lot of support is provided for keeping you on track and offering you the motivation you need to continue. Their forum is a big asset for their reputation, as this is where guys come and share their experience. If you want to try the x4 Labs penis extender, and you want to hear from others how they fared in this regard, all you have to do is to go on their forum.

Dedication is needed for penis growth. However, if you have a top of the line penis extender besides you, your efforts can pay off big, and I am not just saying this. Your penis can grow more than 1-2 inches in size in under one year and this is really something.

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