Being A Male Escort may Not Be As Easy As You Think ?

Maybe you thought being a male escort might bring a little extra cash in on the weekends, or how about a career ? It’s something you dont think of every day I’m sure, but it’s certainly a real and thriving industry. Here is an article and a few video we rounded up which I think you may find very interesting…. Perhap’s its not as easy as it seems…

I'm a Male Escort, and My Life Is Nothing Like What You'd Expect

When I moved to California, things didn’t work out well in the beginning, and I was very lost. I struggled with severe anxiety and confidence issues when I was a child, and it was drinking that got me out of my skin. I thought I could get all the hard work done in the Air Force, get my schooling done, and then pursue entertainment. I’m a Male Escort, and My Life Is Nothing Like What You’d Expect

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Written by Stephen Mayer

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