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Best Penis Extenders Money Can Buy In 2023

The Best Penis Extenders Money Can Buy in 2022

 I wanted to keep you guys updated on what’s happening in the world of penis extenders. With new models being released and with many Chinese fakes being found on sites like Ebay I thought I better set the record straight.

In a nutshell The Sizegenetics and the Phallosan are still the main two contenders on the market and the best penis extenders money can buy in 2022. Phallosan is my favourite device simply because it is so darn comfortable. However It has a totally different design system to the sizegenetics system. I own both and I use them regularly along with a few supplements and a penis pump.

So for now read on below and see my detailed evaluation of the best penis extenders for 2021.

Penis extenders are great devices for increasing the size of your penis. They use a principle called traction and the result they yield is based on cell multiplication in the penile tissue. What I can tell you, as a guy who has tried the most popular extenders on the market is that some of them are really working and are totally worth the money.medical-devices

If you are familiar with my website, you know that I personally purchase and try all the products I review here. While penis extenders use a simple principle and deliver consistent results, I must say that there are a few factors that count for me and other users, besides that.

The thing with penis extenders is that they must be really comfortable. If they are not, you won’t be able to keep one on for long. What happens is that if you do not wear the extender for a relatively long time, the results will not appear quickly enough.

Another thing that counts for me is the quality of the materials used. I have no intention to spend hundreds of dollars on something that will break within a few months.

I also take into consideration the guarantee the manufacturers offer. If a company trusts in their product, they will offer a decent money back guarantee.

Now that you know all my criteria, here are top 3 of the best penis extenders on the market.

#1. SizeGenetics – The Absolute Number One


This is, without a doubt, the best penis extender you can buy at the moment. It scores high in terms of durability, comfort and guarantee. There is nothing amiss and the company making it has been in this business for more than 16 years, which says a lot.

SizeGenetics is a Type 1 medical device and it is recommended by doctors for men suffering from a condition called micropenis. Those who just want to add a few inches in length will find this product to be a great extender to try.

SizeGenetics is extremely comfortable and it can be worn underneath your clothes without a glitch. Wearing it for hours is possible; you can even wear it at work. There is no wonder there are so many positive testimonials from users. This product really works and it is comfortable enough to allow you to use the traction method to increase your penis size.

I have tried SizeGenetics myself. I recommend reading my review to see the results I got from using this penis extender for more than a year. It will give you the best insight on how this penis extender fares against others.

#2. Phallosan - The Most Comfortable Unit

phallosan review

Comfort is very important for this manufacturer, and the Phallosan penis extender is really good in this regard. The only reason why I am not placing this one as the first on my list is because SizeGenetics offers a bunch of extras, like Penis Health exercises and a complex support system. In my mind the Sizegenetics and Phallosan work well together

They have a good and reliable money back guarantee and the extender is made of durable materials. I cannot really emphasize enough how comfortable this product is. Their patented straps are ideal for comfort and their 32 way support system offers the highest number of combinations found in a penis extender.

For my extensive review of the Phallosan Click Here

#3. MaleEdge

best penis extenders money can buy
best penis extenders in 2020

As I already mentioned, I try all the products I review on this site. My experience with MaleEdge was not the greatest, but it was not bad, either. The strap system used is comfortable and they also offer money back guarantee, so I have no issue with them.

However, compared to the other two penis extenders showed here, it somewhat lacks in the quality department. It does not look as sturdy and professional as SizeGenetics and it does not offer as many comfort options as x4 Labs.

All in all, these are the best penis extenders on the market right now. If you want to know more about them, read my full reviews.

Written by Stephen Mayer

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