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Can Performer 5 Really Boost Testosterone Levels ?



I guess you could say my curiosity got the better of me when someone asked me to review performer 5, a male enhancement pill which has received a lot of buzz online lately. Can you really experience more powerful ejaculations? Would I be able to get a job on in porn and put  actor’s like Peter North to shame? Read on…

For those that don’t know, Peter North is a porn star who has the ability to produce rather a large load which he seems to spray around like a hose! One of the most frustrating problems that men tend to encounter is the lack of ejaculate that they have and many male enhancement products on the market advertise exceptional results without truly delivering them to their customers so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to review this product. Some of them are nothing but fake products, made of cheap ingredients that do nothing to improve a man’s sexual performance. In the end, consumers feel cheated and they are right.

Stay away from the dirty tricks used by product manufacturers that come and go without building a loyal customer base. Choose Performer 5 instead, a natural formula that boosts your testosterone levels, improves your sex life, and makes you feel like a real man. Curious to see what this special formula is all about?

Performer 5 impact on male sexuality:

  • 5 times more ejaculations! That’s a 500% increase in how much you can orgasm!
  • Stronger, more powerful ejaculations!
  • Amazing orgasms each and every time!
  • Increased testosterone levels!
  • A satisfied sex partner each and every time!

What is Performer 5?

Performer 5 is a special natural formula made of carefully selected ingredients, all put together in a pill. Men taking Performer 5 over the duration of a few months will know incredible changes in their sex life. Not only they will be able to satisfy their partners better, but their sexual pleasure is increased, as well.

For a more active sex life, with mind blowing orgasms, many men have already chosen Performer 5. Their testimonials can be found on the product official page, and they are the best recommendation you can get.

Research and scientific studies were involved in creating Performer 5. In combination with a balanced diet and exercising, this male enhancement pill tremendously improves sex life.



How does Performer 5 work?

The secret of Performer 5 is explained by the special formula and the carefully selected ingredients found in each pill. Unlike other products on the market, Performer 5 underwent a lot of testing, in order to achieve the best balance between the ingredients.

Here are the most important ingredients and how they work for male sexual health:

  • Zinc compounds are responsible for boosting testosterone levels, the male hormone responsible for a healthy sex life; as zinc cannot be easily achieved from daily intake of foods, taking Performer 5 is recommended as a great zinc supplement.
  • L-Arginine is present in Performer 5, as well. This amino-acid has been tested by many researchers and their conclusion was one and only: L-Arginine increases the levels of nitric oxide in the blood, ensuring increased blood flow to the penis. Sperm count is also positively influenced by taking pills containing this powerful amino-acid.
  • Creatine monohydrate is also included in the special formula of Performer 5. Usually taken by bodybuilders, this special compound ensures that you have enough staying power to enjoy your sexual encounters and perform over the top each and every time.


How is Performer 5 different from other male enhancement pills?

Having the right ingredients is not enough to make a good male enhancement pill. Performer 5 uses a special formula to balance all the benefits of its natural, organic, safe to use ingredients to guarantee the best results for men seeking to improve their sex lives.

Written by Stephen Mayer

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